"I think palmtop might be cheating guys"   Australia
6 drops hAHA []
Compared to 8 rkt drops

Cum and go
Hit it then quit it
Shoot and scoot
Squirt and revert
Smash and dash
Ram and scram
Seed and plead
Splat and scat
Rail and bail
Pump and dump
Court and abort
Breed and proceed
Splatter and scatter
Mate and migrate
Ejaculate and evacuate
Release it then cease it
Creampie and say goodbye
Copulate and absquatulate
Penetrate and defenestrate
Shoot the jizz and out you is
Let the semen flow and GTFO
Empty the sack and don't come back
Empty the reservoir and say "Au revoir"
Blow your load and hit the road
Bust a nut and leave the hut
Smash her rear then disappear
Ram her ass and hit the gas
Get her all waxy and call a taxi
Inject yourself then eject yourself
Spread the seed then need for speed
Touch her cooter then call an uber
Butter the bread and play dead
Give her schlong and say so long
Release the dump then Forrest Gump
Fill the crack then never come back
Shoot your goo and say "Adieu"
Paint her face then leave the place
Insert the peen and flee the scene
Ruin the sheets then hit the streets
Rock her box and change the locks
Take her virginity and change your identity
Make her bamboozle and skidaddle skadoodle
Penetration then change your location
Prove you ain't gay then run the fuck away
Unload genetic information and leave the nation
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tf2 hasn't changed
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