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Jan 2018 - SuperTruck Offroad - Doesn't support analogue triggers; no option to turn gamepad support off

Jan 2018 - Fallen Legion Plus punishes death with unskipable cutscenes no matter how many times you have seen them

March 2018 - Despoiler is a load of shit

March 2018 - Velocity Stream - Online only, no gamepad support

April 2018 - Sword Arts Online Fatal Bullet - Only remote server and multiplayer dependent

Apri 2018 - Prey - Only recognizes M$ game pads

April 2018 - Heckpoint is very buggy - stages sometimes lock and won't scroll

April 2018 - Steel Arena Robot War - No Logitech support, Brain-dead AI

June 2018 - Smoke & Sacrifice - Error on store page; gamepads DO NOT work with this game; LMB clicking makes exploring feel dry and tedious

June 2018 - Homeworld Deserts of Kharak - Mouse response issues for people with gamepads or pad mapping software that Gearbox never fixed. Apparently no one cared enough about this title to keep on Gearbox to fix it

June 2018 - The Watchmaker - Gampad is borked; can not exit pause screen once in it and ten days after reported developer still doesn't care

July 2018 -Shining Resonance - Interactive Novel

September 2018 -Postworld - Amateur Unity slop

September 2018 - Lost Legends of Redwall - M$ pressured Unity into breaking it for OS's outside of 10

Decemeber 2018 - Crimson Keep - No saving

February 2019 - Pikuniku - Save system is broken often times losing saves or not creating them at all.

April 2019 - Sekiro - Terrible controls; often times not responsive. Have to keep repeating the same ten seconds of opening gameplay over and over because of 'spot-on' rhythm game gameplay with slow response buttons.

April 2019 - Tamashii - Tried testing. Something seems dodgy about this game; Chinese Hax0r maybe? Best to avoid.

April 2019 - Diacrisis - The one time you would need alt + F4 to exit a game and it doesn't work.
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I like tacos
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