Awards Received
Total Received: 108 (34,700 Steam Points)
Take My Points (x11)
Jester (x30)
Extra Helpful (x26)
Golden Unicorn (x3)
Mind Blown (x2)
Clever (x1)
Heartwarming (x6)
Hot Take (x4)
Super Star (x2)
Slow Clap (x2)
Treasure (x2)
Saucy (x1)
Wholesome (x3)
Hilarious (x3)
Deep Thoughts (x3)
Whoa (x2)
Gotta Have It (x2)
Warm Blanket (x1)
Wild (x1)
Mad Scientist (x1)
Michelangelo (x1)
Poetry (x1)
Awards Given
Total Given: 72 (72,000 Steam Points)
Golden Unicorn (x11)
Clever (x7)
Jester (x25)
Mind Blown (x2)
Heartwarming (x4)
Warm Blanket (x2)
Treasure (x2)
Fancy Pants (x1)
Saucy (x1)
Wild (x2)
Wholesome (x2)
Michelangelo (x2)
Extra Helpful (x2)
Hot Take (x2)
Slow Clap (x1)
Whoa (x1)
Mad Scientist (x1)
Gotta Have It (x1)
Poetry (x1)
Hilarious (x1)
Deep Thoughts (x1)