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Posted: Jul 2, 2016 @ 4:16pm
Updated: Oct 5, 2019 @ 4:26am

TF2 is a class based shooter from in 5 days of rewriting this review 12 years old. The game is great dispite it barely having any major updates per year. Now to tell you why it is great:

Gameplay: Shooting someone with a fat meatshot just feels so good. There are many things you gotta learn by your self like rocket jumping. Rocket jumping is shooting a rocket at your feet and pressing ctrl+space+m1 at the same time, it will launch you very high into the air and helps for jumping to places you cannot reach but if you move your mouse slightly behind you you'll jump a longer distance which is useful if you want to cross a gap that you cant to with a jump there's alot more to rocket jumping like pogo, sync and wall jumping which i will not explain cause this review would be way longer than it needs to be. Theres airblasting which is all about timing(pyro can only do this), comboing which should be self explanitory, trickstabs where you trick someone in thinking you'll go left but moving to the right and backstabbing them (same can be done on the other way around).Theres ubercharge which is exclusive to the Medic, after 40 seconds of filling that bar you will make your self and patient glow which will make both of you invincible for around 8 seconds and theres many more of these for each class. Movement and positioning is also imporant, Example: You a scout jumping on a ledge, rock ect. to get a hight advantage against a soldier so you dont take splash damage or as much splash damage or surfing a rocket as medic to escape a place where you will die and theres many more movement tricks you can learn like baiting someone to blast em off a cliff or faking where your going with a cloak right infront of someone.

Community: Can be a mixed bag like if you see someone crouching walking slowly towards you holding a sandvich out they are friendlies and killing them will make people scream at you in the chat. Tryhards which try their hardest to win they can be really toxic or very nice, there are people that want to help you learn. There will be people trying to scam you like in every game with tradeable items and the game is no where near dead with a solid 50k players playing at all times.

Trading: The most boring part of the game but very profitable if you get into high-tier trading like unusuals (seriously some can cost up to 1000$).
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