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Personal Achievements

Cash Money

Earn a total of 25,000 Gold.

Deep Pockets

Earn a total of 50,000 Gold.

The Midas Touch

Earn a total of 100,000 Gold.

Just One More Game!

Reach account level 10.

The Big 2-0

Reach account level 20.

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Reach account level 30.

Feels Like the First Time

Reach account level 40.

It's Hammer Time

Reach level 10 with a Grapple Hammer Legend.

Cutting Edge

Reach level 10 with a Sword Legend.

Pew Pew Pew

Reach level 10 with a Blasters Legend.

Sir Lances-a-lot

Reach level 10 with a Rocket Lance Legend.

Getting to the Point

Reach level 10 with a Spear Legend.

It Slices, It Dices

Reach level 10 with a Katars Legend.

Not an Axe-ident

Reach level 10 with an Axe Legend.

Making Your Foes Quiver

Reach level 10 with a Bow Legend.

Knuckle Sandwich

Reach level 10 with a Gauntlets Legend.

Gardening with a Black Thumb

Reach level 10 with a Scythe Legend.

Welcome to Brawlhalla!

Play a matchmaking game.

Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

Play 30 matchmaking games.

Four's a Party

Play 3 games in the Free-for-All matchmaking queue.

Calm Before the Storm

Play 3 games in the Ranked 1v1 matchmaking queue.

Our Powers Combined

Play 3 games in the Friendly 2v2 matchmaking queue.

Til KO Do Us Part

Play 3 games in the Ranked 2v2 matchmaking queue.

Let's Do This Again Next Week

Play 3 games in the Brawl of the Week matchmaking queue.

See Ya

KO 25 opponents in matchmaking games.

Home Run King

KO 500 opponents in matchmaking games.

I Believe You Can Fly

KO 1,000 opponents in matchmaking games.

Just Getting Started

Win 10 matchmaking games.

Witness Me!

Win 100 matchmaking games.

All I Do Is Win

Win 250 matchmaking games.

Practice Makes Perfect

Reach level 5 with 2 Legends.

They Grow Up So Fast

Reach level 10 with 5 Legends.

Putting in Work

Reach level 10 with 10 Legends.

Twice as Nice

Get 10 Double KOs in matchmaking games.

Go Long!

KO an opponent with a thrown item 30 times in matchmaking games.

Can't Touch This

Win a Ranked 1v1 game without losing any lives 3 times.

The Surpri-saac Newton

KO an opponent with a Gravity-Canceled Heavy Attack 10 times in matchmaking games.

Kill Them with Kindness

Press the "Say: GG!" button after 66 different matchmaking games.

And the Crowd Goes Wild!

Win a Ranked 1v1 game with red damage on your last stock 5 times (Tie Breaker wins do not count).

Cannon Fodder

Reach level 10 with a Cannon Legend

Launched into Orb-it

Reach level 10 with an Orb Legend

Big Hunk of Metal

Reach level 10 with a Greatsword Legend

Now I Can Use Black in Strikeout

Reach level 25 with 3 Legends

Jack of All Trades

Reach level 5 with 50 Legends

Falling with Style

KO 10 opponents with Slide-Charged Signature Attacks in matchmaking games


Hit multiple opponents with a single Bouncy Bomb in a matchmaking game

Carry the Team

Get 6 KOs in a single Ranked 2v2 or Friendly 2v2 game

Wall Cleaner

KO 25 opponents by dash-jumping into a Ground Pound Attack in matchmaking games

To Hell and Back

Reach Wave 26 in Horde mode with Damage set to 100% or lower