I'm hammie, welcome to my profile.
I sometimes do SFM posters so if you wanna order go ahead.
I'm a taunt collector. Fk off scammers.
Please read my extra info until the end (You can skip the TF2 part)

I like making friends and playing TF2.
Add me, I'm friendly to anyone.

Nothing here, just my binds.
(ಠ ∩ಠ)
(; ̄︶ ̄)
♪~( ̄ε ̄)
(ง `ω´)۶
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Hello! I'm Hammie, your friendly neighbourhood weeb. If you add me, tell me a reason why in the comment section! I am a friendly person that likes helping people in need and I don't like people that exploit my kindess, please don't, It's very rude. You can request posters for free, if you wanna charge, that's fine for me. (they're not that good tbh)

I add Beeps because of privacy reasons, I only share my personal info with my close friends

Real Name: **BEEP**
Gender: Who knows (You'll know when you hear me in voice chat)
Age: **BEEP**
Birth Month: September 9th
Zodiac: Virgo
Likes: friendly/kind people, candy, free stuff, donating, memes
Hates: arrogant people, gold diggers, beggars, braggers, excessive favors

Team Fortress 2
I do not have mains, I play what's best for my team. You can usually find me hanging out in Bunnix BHOP, feel free to talk to me. I also meme a lot XD

I usually use scout when I want to go fast

I use this american for fun or to jump around the map.

I usually use this maniac to help engies or either w+m1-ning.

This scottish drunkard I use for being a general weeb using the Katana or either being a normal demo.

I'm either a Hoovy or a battle heavy.

I usually turtle in community servers but in casual I'm usually a battle engi when I'm on attacking side.

I like playing support so I play Medic to support my team.

You will usually see me sniping with my horrible aim in community servers lol.

A friendly or just a normal spy.

I like hanging around with my online friends so feel free to add me anytime!

magic! ☆=(ゝω・)/

Thank you for taking your time to read this, much appreciated!

P.S, I'm not a trader

Favorite Game
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hammieeeeeee >:3
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hi :>
『Flandre』 Oct 27 @ 6:49am 
What the hell is going on here.
pears r tasty | lft hl open Oct 27 @ 5:15am 
+rep Antarctica is weak, try and improve your defenses or we will invade. FOR FREEDOM!
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