Isaac Laquerre   Quebec, Canada
"Great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies"

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Gay_Nigga_Gaming - Public Group
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Welcome to my profile!

If you wanted to add me to trade, please don't. (Unless I asked you)

► Adding me

:p2turret: Note that I know all the methods to scam someone; my skins are, to my eyes, not something unimportant enough to be thrown around and experimenting with shady trades performed by someone with a poor level of english. :p2turret:

● I do not accept private profiles or profiles with private inventories.

● I do not accept any "negotiating accounts".

► Specs

● CPU : Intel Core i5-6600 6M Skylake Quad-Core 3.3 GHz LGA 1151

● GPU : GeForce GTX 1050 - DDR5 2GB

● RAM : 16G Memory - DDR4 2x8

● Motherboard : GIGABYTE GA-Z170-HD3 (rev. 1.0) LGA 1151 Intel

● Power Supply : Thermaltake Power Supply TR2 600Watts 20/24Pins 2XPCIe(6p) Double

● Monitor : 1xSAMSUNG 32" Curved Monitor 60Hz, 4ms, 1920x1080p

● Hard Drive : Caviar Blue Hard Drive 3.5" 1To SATAIII 64Mo

● Mouse : Razer DeathAdder Elite
- DPI: 4500
- Sensitivity: 0.45 (CS:GO), 1.35 (GMOD)

● Keyboard : Logitech Spectrum Orion G810 - ROMER G Switches

● Headset : HyperX Cloud 2 (Mic broken :steamsad:)

● Mousepad : Razer Goliathus 17” x 70cm

● Shitty uncomfortable leather office chair

● Crazy AWP skillz

► About me

Name : Isaac but I prefer Zak/Zach.
Age : 17.
Birthday : June 19.
Nationality : Canadian (Quebec)
Language(s) : French, English and a bit of Spanish.
Qualities : Friendly and fair
Flaws : I rage easily, sometimes toxic (trolling) and competitive
Biggest strength : Anything related to math, logic or problem-solving
Biggest weakness : Nostalgia
Passions/Hobbies : I like programming. I’ve experimented around with Java, VBScript, Lua and C# until I decided to learn C++. I'm currently developping Discord bots using JavaScript and making Minecraft plugins in Java and Skript. I love playing hockey even though I stopped in 2016. I love Ricky Gervais and everything he does and stands for. Oh and I like to skate... A lot.
Favourite music :
• $uicideboy$ - ANTARCTICA, MAGAZINE, MEMOIRS OF A GORILLA, FOR THE LAST TIME, BREAKDALAW2K16 (Ft. Pouya), Praisethedevil, Kill Yourself Part III, My Flaws Burn Through My Skin Like Demonic Flames From Hell, I Will Celebrate For Stepping On Broken Glass And Slipping On Stomach Soaked Floors, My Scars Are Like Evidence Being Mailed To The Judge, Carrolton, Now I’m Up To My Neck With Offers, Face It, SARCOPHAGUS III, Audubon, New Chains Same Shackles, 122 Days, Nicotine Patches, 10,000 Degrees, Paris, FUCKALLOFYOU2K18, Do You Believe In God?, Gloss Of Blood, VIETNAM, Magazine, Meet Mr. NICEGUY, King Tulip, O' Lord! I Have My Doubts, Low Key, Ugly, Uglier, Aliens Are Ghosts, Coma, Vincent Van Gogh Ain't Got Shit On Me, Bring Out Your Dead, Runnin' Thru The 7th With My Woadies (Ft. Pouya), Mount Sinai, Gloom, Sunshine, Scrape, Hard To Tell, April Mourning, Reign In Blood, Krewe Du Vieux, Omen, Gorilla Warfare, To Have And Have Not, Killing 2 Birds With 22 Stones, I Am The Apocalypse;
• Oddy Nuff Da $now Leopard (Ruby Da Cherry) - $hark Attack, Hair, Whoa, I'm Woeful, $leep Walk, I Miss My Dead Friends, The Sacred, Kill Yourself Part II, Clouds As Witnesses;
• Fat Nick - 2 Hot 4 U (Ft. $uicideboy$);
• Freddie Dredd - Repo, Cha Cha, GTG, Oh Darling, Evil Fantasy, Ain't No, I Gotta, Killin' On Demand, Stutter;
• Crook - Witcher;
• Denzel Curry - CLOUT COBAIN | CLOUT CO13A1N
• Germ - AWKWARD CAR DRIVE (Ft. $uicideboy$);
• Bones - Branches, Dirt, CtrlAltDelete;
• OmenXIII - I Think It's Time That I Emerge, 01010011 01001001 01001110 00101110, 00101111 01001101 01001001 01000001;
• Oliver Tree - Alien Boy, Hurt, Welcome To LA, Movement.
• Lil Toe - Go Out;
• Ghostemane - Mercury: Retrograde, Nihil, Squeeze;
• Lil Xan - Betrayed;
• Willy Wonka - Pure Imagination (Trap Remix by Dotan Negrin & Prismatic Mantis ft. Future James);
• ALVAN - Chinatown;
• Eminem - The Kids, Guilty Conscience (Ft. Dr. Dre), Kill You, Under The Influence (Ft. D12), Without Me, The Way I Am, The Real Slim Shady, Berzerk, I'm Shady, Business, I'm Back, Stay Wide Awake, '97 Bonnie & Clyde, Lucky You (Ft. Joyner Lucas), Fall, Hailie's Song, Cleanin' Out My Closet;
• Dr. Dre - Forgot About Dre (Ft. Eminem)
• D12 - My Band;
• Bigflo & Oli - Nous aussi, Nous aussi 2, Ça va trop vite, Dommage, INSOLENTS #2, INSOLENTS #3;

► Favourite games

:headcrab: Half-Life series :headcrab:
:p2blue: Portal series :p2orange:
:csgoct: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive :csgoct:
:gmod: Garry's Mod :gmod:
:rloctane: Rocket League :rloctane:
:r6: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege :r6:
:dirt: Minecraft :dirt:
:wl7lava: Hot Lava :wl7lava:

► CS:GO Rank

:RareLupGem: = Been there;
:RedLupGem: = Never been there;
:csgox: = Current Rank.

● Silver I (1) : :RareLupGem:
● Silver II (2) : :RareLupGem:
● Silver III (3) : :RareLupGem:
● Silver IV (4) : :RareLupGem::csgox:
● Silver Elite : :RareLupGem:
● Silver Elite Master : :RareLupGem:
● Gold Nova I (1) : :RareLupGem:
● Gold Nova II (2) : :RareLupGem:
● Gold Nova III (3) : :RedLupGem:
● Gold Nova Master : :RedLupGem:
● Master Guardian I (1) : :RedLupGem:
● Master Guardian II (2) : :RedLupGem:
● Master Guardian Elite : :RedLupGem:
● Distinguished Master Guardian : :RedLupGem:
● Legendary Eagle : :RedLupGem:
● Legendary Eagle Master : :RedLupGem:
● Supreme Master First Class : :RedLupGem:
● The Global Elite : :RedLupGem:

► Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are you so good with the AWP?
A: I guess it’s because I suck with any other guns so I had to adapt... either that or it’s because I’m french #kennySMVP

Q: Where are you from?
A: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. French-canadian but I can speak decent english.

Q: Do people really take the time to read this to know more about you?
A: Nope. Absolutely not.
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Kusha™ Dec 10 @ 7:54pm 
two ♥♥♥♥♥s kissing
Shere Khan Oct 31 @ 10:41pm 
Juan Lopez Jul 11 @ 1:36am 
cool guy
fried_fetus69 Mar 31 @ 1:26pm 
Lol I do remember you

Old times :')
Manzy Mar 31 @ 12:37pm 
Hi it's me manzero,u use to tell me to chase u in gmod hide n seek,and I said no I suck,and yeah idk if you remember me but it's been a long time.hope u read this :P
Mistarpotato Nov 22, 2018 @ 9:36pm 
Even if you stop being a ♥♥♥♥ you'll always be cancerous.