If you don't want a trade I posted, then DO NOT ADD ME.
Only add me if you agree to one of my trade posts!
If you ask me for anything other than a trade I posted, I will block you.
No Offers! No Splitting! No Haggling!
I am fair, friendly, and fast.
But only if you are. If you are unfair, rude, or waste my time, I will not be friendly to you.

I have many trades, so be specific!
Don't just say "added for trade". Don't just say "anodized", or "I have anodized".
Say: "I want Anodized for (X)", or "I want (X) for Anodized".

The faster you tell me what you WANT and HAVE, the faster we can trade.

No offers! No splitting! No haggling!
My listing prices are fair, and I have no problem selling at my listed prices.

Please only add me if you agree to a trade I posted.
If you don't like my prices, then DO NOT ADD ME.

If you try to haggle or offer me something I didn't ask for, you get blocked, no second chances.

I will block you if:
you invite me to your game without telling me what you want. rude, time-wasting
you agree to a trade, then you back out of the deal. rude, time-wasting
you add me, then tell me you are in-game. rude, time-wasting
you remove me without saying anything. rude
you try to give me less than I asked for. unfair
you try to give items I didn't ask for. unfair
you tell me to add additional items. rude, unfair
you "just want to ask a question". time-wasting
you type one word on each line. stupid, time-wasting
you use the term "pure keys". stupid
you say "go trade". rude, stupid
you are rude.

And if you do something on the list as a joke, you still get blocked.
1061 people have been blocked so far.
I will never clear my block list. You get 1 chance to trade with me.

I record every trade. If you try to scam me, you will be added to the scammer database.

Do not ask me to show you all my items in-game
All my available items are listed here:
Decide what you want before you add me!
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MrBountyHuntr Mar 17 @ 2:56pm 
+rep fast trade
Rakso15 Mar 17 @ 12:52pm 
+REP he is smart and fast
Real Cheetara Mar 14 @ 3:21pm 
+rep great trader fast and friendly good prices to boot
Lil Crispy Supreme Mar 13 @ 7:46am 
+rep had a trade on trade ban for 5 days and he was kind enough to wait really good trader ++rep
alpaca shed Mar 12 @ 3:06pm 
+rep fast response
Yeezus Mar 10 @ 5:22pm 
+rep friendly fast trader