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Bradenton, Florida, United States
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Faction Relations:
⦁ Bandits (Friendly)
⦁ Black Slugs (Friendly)
⦁ Defiance (Friendly)
⦁ Freedom (Friendly)
⦁ Mercenaries (Friendly)
⦁ Renegades (Friendly)
⦁ Strelok's Group (Friendly)

⦁ Clear Sky (Neutral)
⦁ Dawn (Neutral)
⦁ Ecologist (Neutral)
⦁ Interception (Neutral)
⦁ International Scientific Group (Neutral)
⦁ Loners (Neutral)

⦁ Crystal (Hostile)
⦁ Duty (Hostile)
⦁ Final Day (Hostile)
⦁ Military Stalkers (Hostile)
⦁ Monolith (Hostile)
⦁ Silence (Hostile)
⦁ Sin (Hostile)
⦁ State Security Service of Ukraine (Hostile)
⦁ Ukrainian Special Purpose Regiments (Hostile)
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What is True Misery?
Before we can even begin to scrape the surface of the term, we must first know its basic meaning.

Misery [Noun]: Great unhappiness; extreme pain of body or mind; wretchedness; distress; woe.

So, what is unusual about this word you might be wondering, what is its purpose not only to this profile page, but also to me. Well then perhaps I should tell you forthright about it. Maybe even just to make things a little easier by sending you a link or two about it, but I do not operate like that.

Everything we do has an action and reaction force that cannot be controlled, even by an outside impulse. For every heartbroken tear we shed, someone else sheds one of joy as a result of are undoing. It's something that most will get over quickly within their life, for those who neglect to follow as so will become overtaken by desire. Desire leads to greed, which can come in many shapes and forms, either as greed for currency, lust, or gluttony.

If you're still reading to this point, I atone for any rift created by my lack of focus on the main subject which is the word misery. To get the gist of things, misery is a part of us, hell, it is us! No matter what is done, everyone suffers, some more than others. As a society we learn to grasp this concept and worship its significance within our own lives. Like a shade looming over our shoulder or a specter draining our very life essence, it kills us just as fast as we currently die, gradually and without remorse.

At this point if you still haven't come to your senses and stopped reading, then you should personally know that nothing that's material matters. Call this a grim or depressing outlook, but even you the reader most likely knows it is true to some extent. It cannot be halted in any way, shape, or form, as it claims the lives of so many. But no need to worry, there is a special place for those like us. After all,

'Misery loves company.'

"Do not believe you have won! Soon the Iron Fist will lose its grip, and I will be your king! And you can be sure I won't forget you..." -Slicker Silvertongue

"Most people would rather be certain they're miserable, than risk being happy." -Robert Anthony

"What did you do that for! He didn't touch you, damn!" -Uncle Yar

"Kill someone and it's murder, kill a dozen and it's slaughter, kill everyone and it's a plan." -???

"Yeah baby! We're now officially known as Iskra Scientific Research and Investigation Team; don't be thinking that we forgot all about you now that we're scientists, haha! My 'colleagues' and I have discussed this matter in great depth and our conclusion is... you've earned this buddy! If you find yourself in an anomaly or hit by an emission, God forbid, take a moment to send us a thank you note. We'll receive the message, trust me!" -Iskra Scientific Research and Investigation Team Leader Topol

"Cleansing. There's nothing wrong with a cleansing, if it's for the greater good." -TVFilthyFrank

"If I can imagine mayonnaise as a gender, there is nothing to prove me wrong." -Donald.Keller the Meme Master

"I have done a thousand dreadful things, as willingly as one would kill a fly, but nothing grieves me heartily indeed, that I cannot do ten thousand more." -Titus Andronicus

"Alright, now you just get through that portal and I'll blow it to smithereens! Wherever the hell that is..." -Sergeant Hawk

"I've seen you! Saw you with my own eyes, dabbling with the black arts! I will have you burnt at the stake for the heretic you are!" -Sir Edwin Blackfly

"Listen, all great things, start with great disasters. All right?" -Robbaz
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