cameron pants
cameron pants   United States Virgin Islands
ya my avatar is me

sorry i didnt kiss you but its obvious i wanted to

vac ban is from MW2 when I used a free level up program I found on a random cheating site

game bans are mistakes from the developers of H1Z1 and SMITE, H1Z1 I got banned and it was quickly revoked. The developers told me they cannot remove the mark from my profile. SMITE I also got unbanned from.

nice try greasetards!
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9:40 PM - blinko mcbloopmeister: the first line youll type after connecting for the first time will be /me poops in my diaper

9:48 PM - king dab jatarvious newton: am I a clown
9:48 PM - king dab jatarvious newton: just meant to entertain u?

7:16 PM - zane: u gone have to fly to me
7:16 PM - cameron pants: ill kiss u if i came
7:16 PM - zane: oh

8:51 PM - blinko mcbloopmeister: hmm....
8:51 PM - blinko mcbloopmeister: tell me cameron.....
8:51 PM - blinko mcbloopmeister: you suck a good dick?

9:34 PM - king dab jatarvious newton: i wanna orlpelay
9:34 PM - king dab jatarvious newton: im high

1:53 PM - stahlsby: *my bwaces get stuck in urs as i twy to kissy wissy you* OH NO CAMWON OUW BWACES AWW STUK 2GETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:58 PM - zane: wanna know my favorite sex position?
1:58 PM - cameron pants: what is that inzane
1:58 PM - zane: its wow
1:59 PM - zane: where i flip your mom over
1:59 PM - zane: LOL GET OWNED

5:15 PM - kim jong, yeah, big bombs: niggas talm bout 'cameron aint cute'
5:15 PM - kim jong, yeah, big bombs: BITCH he the cutest twink....

11:32 PM - .:¨zane: burn me
11:32 PM - .:¨zane: i got sucked up by a black girl
11:32 PM - cameron pants: shut up
11:32 PM - cameron pants: LOL

anime god gamer xx: if i get owned on here
anime god gamer xx: im taking her out

1:11 AM - stahlsby: *i smirk*
1:11 AM - stahlsby: "not this time.."
1:12 AM - stahlsby: *i open my mouth and inhale the entire fart effectively voring it*

7:17 PM - stahlsby: *points gun at u* yeah not so fucking tough or mean now huh faggot? huh? go ahead push me against the wall again fucker!!! huh?? why not?? are you scared? huh? you made my life a living hell!!!!! so now.... i'll send u to hell....

7:20 PM - stahlsby: you wanna hear a joke?? huh? *kicks off my scuffed skechers* suck my fucking toes or you're fucking dead im sick of you ill actually fucking kill you suck my fucking toes right now or ill splatter your blood everywhere

12:45 PM - stahlsby: I fucking love you okay I said it are you happy now
Are you fucking happy now

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aots May 19 @ 7:06pm 
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aots Apr 30 @ 11:19am 
is ur avatar u.... jw.... it's kinda hot :d
big sumac energy Mar 11 @ 3:16pm 
You are pretty. Don't you deserve hugs?

You do, don't you? I'm a big, strong man with big, strong arms. Come to me. I will lay you down and hold you tight. We can talk or we can be quiet. Just you and me.

A pretty girl deserves hugs, no matter her age, no matter her situation. Come feel my arms around you.
Yung Basper Dec 18, 2017 @ 3:07am 
stahlsby Nov 22, 2017 @ 1:31am 
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big sumac energy Nov 7, 2017 @ 8:31am 
nice pop punk retard