Yuri Ivanov   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Tester in:
Battle Grounds 3 (Source mod)
JB:EP 3 (Source mod)
Velocity Brawl (Source mod)
Lambda Fortress Extended (Source mod)
Team Fortress 2 Classic (Source mod)
Occult Scream (GoldSrc mod)

My translations at steam:
Hunt Down The Freeman Cut scenes + Other game text. (Russian language) (not released by devs)
Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II Version 3.5/4.0. Game + Steam store page. (Russian language)
Contagion VR: Outbreak Demo (Russian language)
Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Initial Steam release translator. (Russian language)
Fistful of Frags Initial Steam Release. (Russian language)
BrainBread 2 Initial Steam Release. (Russian language)
Battle Grounds 3 Prepare for Steam Release. (Russian language)

Future translations:
Infestus [www.infestus-game.com] Prepare for Steam Release. (Russian language)

My translations for 3rd party mods:
Team Fortress 2 Classic [tf2classic.com]

My hobby - porting GoldSrc Engine game maps to Source Engine Games.

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Thundercracker 14 дек. 2020 в 22:45 
Profile says:
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Where is this guy? Why are all his comments gone? I know I at least wrote one there. Does no one care he's gone? 110 friends and no one cares?

I've been wondering for a while, but only today I noticed the comments are gone. Absolutely amazing guy.