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- Do I sell something from my inventory?
Yes, but you need to go first, no underpay ♥♥♥♥
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Kezan 5 авг в 4:36 
+rep, nice person
can you send me a friend request?
.Reco 11 июл в 14:04 
Hey man, I am your neighbor in Rust, we shoot each other and I are want to invite you in our team. We can duo and plan to go vanilla server. I think we can go good against zergs, especially with you :) I can pay good in gunpwoder. kontakt me.
{THeKILLer} | 6 июл в 6:12 
hello, is that you Calabria from vahvel ? i went to your link but it is down. can you help me get it please
qkk 21 июн в 5:48 
-rep trash player
Calamar 18 июн в 14:36 
-rep trash player
oɹʍ 13 мая в 11:29 
signed by the one and only WRO
thank you so much for nothing.