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Föremålsmonter 19 maj @ 4:37 
{LÄNK BORTTAGEN} - new and unique skin trade service that offers fair and safe trades. You will be surprised how much we give for your inventory. You will never open cs money again :)
76561198052830778 11 maj @ 4:12 in this new operation you can get skins which havent even released lol
xd 30 apr @ 3:18 
pls bro sign my profile and GL in future :csgo_crown:
FER NARIGOD 29 apr @ 20:09 
Bom game mano, trocação meio de awp foi top
sɪɢɢ 29 apr @ 5:26 
Assina ae rei!
Thiago MC 🍨 28 apr @ 16:19 
lista cheia manolo exclui alguem