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Some things change, some things stay the same. If I don't roll with the punches, I guess I'm the one to blame. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I can't believe how well Risk of Rain 2 captures everything that made the first one magical, and brought it to a 3D version. Holy hell, it gives me that same tingly feeling as when I first discovered the original. It's such a special feeling. All the love and detail they brought in to the full 3D models of the world. It's definitely still early access, but I absolutely, positively cannot wait to see how this game progresses.

The biggest issue right now, at least for me, is the interactable world elements are nigh invisible against the rest of the world, but a simple glowing outline around them would make them much, much easier to spot instead of wandering up to something and going "Oooh, what does this do?".

The second is navigation in 3D is much more... Tedious isn't the right word, but a simple compass or something would make it easier to ensure you can actually navigate the level effectively. Compared to the original 2D Risk of Rain, it's much easier to waste time backtracking somewhere, but I imagine that will become less of a problem as players learn the maps they're playing on. Still, it feels like it needs just a smidge more help to make navigating the world a little easier.

All in all, get this game. There is no qualifier. Buy it now. Play with your friends, play by yourself, but regardless of what you choose, play it.
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Just some nice assets for Dungeons and Dragons with various uses.
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Hi want to know if you want to trade your starbound for another game?
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Can we trade? I want your mac 10
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+rep cool dude really nice
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hey, I have like a ton of smaller priced games on my profile for trade, if you ever want any of the games on there you can just message me bro :) Ill hook u up for free, cause armello is amazin and I owe ya bro