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Open the Portals

Pass your first day at Smooth Moves
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 9:30am

I'm Moving In!

Complete a Moving In level
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 9:07am

1st F.A.R.T

Reach F.A.R.T level 1
Unlocked Oct 24 @ 12:23am

F.A.R.T to the power of 3

Reach F.A.R.T level 3
Unlocked Nov 25 @ 5:52pm

I Cart Therefore I Am

Find an arcade cart
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 8:58am


Find a missing employee
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 9:17am

It's Fashion Darling

Find a style crate
Unlocked Nov 5 @ 8:52am

Pain in the glass!

Break 95 windows
Unlocked Nov 19 @ 5:07pm


Score a goal in Packmore
Unlocked Oct 24 @ 12:24am

Ahh that's why this is so long!

You found the hidden thing in Packmore and the only reason the map is so big :)
Unlocked Nov 10 @ 5:01pm

A Job Well Done

Complete all the levels

Score Attack!

Complete a Score Attack level

I see F.A.R.T movers

Reach F.A.R.T level 6

Max F.A.R.T

Achieve max F.A.R.T rating

Totally Optional

Completed all optional objectives on a level

Cart Boss

Find all arcade carts

Getting the Gang Back Together

Find all the crates

Style for days!

Find all style crates

Arcade Novice

Complete an arcade level

Arcade Legend

Complete 5 arcade levels
0 / 5

Wrecking Drone... Lisa needs braces!

Smash 256 statues total
0 / 256

Hoops & Dreams

Make 25 shots on any of the basketball hoops in the game
0 / 25

Don't Get Off The Train

Do you have the patience?

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