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Great Tower

Build a tower with items in a room
Unlocked Nov 20 @ 8:59pm


Put everything into the bin
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 10:26pm


Destroy everything in room
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 11:00pm

Escape Room

Finish one room
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 11:11pm

Escape Together

Finish one room in co-op
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 5:00pm

First in Collection

Find one token
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 11:10pm

Egypt Escapist

Get a trophy in every Egypt room
Unlocked Nov 20 @ 10:50pm

Pockets With Holes

Drop 10 objects in 5 seconds
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 10:22pm

Good Throw

Throw item across the room
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 9:56pm

Uber Skull

Throw skull in the fire
Unlocked Nov 20 @ 10:35pm

Egypt Collector

Find all tokens in Egypt rooms

Space Escapist

Get a trophy in every Space room

Space Collector

Find all tokens in Space rooms

Victorian Escapist

Get a trophy in every Victorian room

Victorian Collector

Find all tokens in Victorian rooms

Make it Yourself

Create room in the level editor

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