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DingleBerri Jun 19 @ 9:21pm 
My child went to your house the other day, he still hasnt come home.
give me my son back
Zombie Hugger May 5 @ 4:17pm 
Your friend shipped to me the gay porn that you shipped to him.

theSDMR May 2 @ 6:46pm 
My friends says "go die", and I agree with him. You're a ♥♥♥♥. ggwp ez win boiz
ThatGuy May 1 @ 11:11pm 
+rep best game ever. only play high please
DAV Feb 7 @ 6:59pm 
You would expect survivors to not be salty when they get clowned on *dab*
Chewy Feb 7 @ 6:56pm 
you would expect a man with a prestige 3 billy to not tunnel and camp, but what do i know.This guy is that man