David   Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Leave a note in my comment section before adding me please.
I don't play Counterstrike and don't add private profiles without notes in my comment section.:sostrong:

12 March 2018 Purge, Persist and Profit is released in

The very first game I did artwork for. All made from scratch in 7 days!

Like to chat, play and add friend request from people sharing passion for Fantasy, 4x, turnbased strategy games, Paradox, Rogue(-like) games and RPG's all my favorite genres @ this moment.:isitdead:

My all time games TOP 3:

- Thea: The Awakening (read my review).

- Age of Wonders Shadow Magic (with Brave New World 3.2 mod).

- Heroes Of Might and Magic III (With WOG and HEROESHD mod).

- .............waiting for input.

Interest in upcoming games, see my wish list :sostrong:

Looking forward to:

Thea: The Awakening DLC :isurrender:, Total War Warhammer and a remake of Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Game which took the most hours of my live:

Civilization IV Beyond the Sword (with Cavemen2Cosmos mod on snail speed).

First RPG playthrough:

Swords & Serpents (Nintendo NES).
I get this special feeling back with my current play The Legend of Grimrock
If you are into Dungeon Crawling try those out.

Looking for:

Someone who wants to teach the Paradox games like HOI III and CK II.

Most dissapointed game ever:

HD Remake of Homm III by Dotemu. Random map editor not included. That was the best part of the game lol. (read my review).

Game with bad review while I like it:

Homm VII , a decent game imo and very ambitious from the dev team to bring Homm to Unreal engine. Hope they fix the game (it have some real gamebreaking bugs) so more people like it.

Best Website:

eXplorminate . A website based on 4x gaming.
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Cablenexus May 19 @ 12:32pm 
@Libertygeek. Yeah I encountered the issue by accident. I know this AppGameKit is around for a while (2014) with respected reputation. So I was not believe it was a demo, neither a scam. But it was 3 o clock in the morning in UK when the backslash started, so the devs were sleeping and woke up in a nightmare.
I deleted now all comments on my profile and my review since it was an endless threat of angry community members who wanted me to apologize for truth.
Libertygeek May 19 @ 11:50am 
Wow sorry you were attacked trying to bring understanding to the AppGameKit issue. It never ceases to amaze me at the impatient people on Steam. Even more when it comes to free stuff. Oh well I just wanted to say that I couldn’t believe the vitriol that was sent your way for you just pointing out the facts.
TheTycoon Apr 28 @ 6:16am 
Hey, saw you from a comment on Creatura, and I noticed we like similar games. Just adding you because of that.
Cablenexus Apr 16 @ 5:25am 
Thank you Mike! Added you to my friendlist, thanks for the offer.
Mike Apr 16 @ 5:24am 
Adding you from turn-based group. Let me know if you want any reviews proofread.
DAVE Mar 24 @ 4:39am 
Hey David, thanks for your advice on Galaxy Squad, however when I click the space station nothing happens?? Yet a YT video shows their ship travels to that station? Would you happen to know why or what I am doing wrong?