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fuck of fag theres nothing here

Info down under here.
Also add me on Discord --- #1884

lmao look up donniedarkho lmao

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Some things you need to know about me.
[/h1]Adding rules[/h1]

1: No private Profiles

2: anybody whos a living cancer cell along me or my freind i will not except.

3: You can like fnaf or pony or anime, as long as you dont get it near me.

4: If your name is unigissned or some trading bot, i will not accept.

5: Its ok if your turkish or arab, just dont be a dickhead.

6: dont be that person whos a snobb.

7: If your totaly privite from anybody, and thats freinds aswell, i wll not accept you and i will block you.

8: i accept anyone whos slavic.

9. no weeb shit or cancer please.

10: No gay or bisexual shit shoved down my throat. If i call you a she or a he and if you get offended with your zhe or shit your either getting blocked or raided, or both.

-------------------------------> You have to pass the rules on the list. If you are well lets say private profile, you will get unaccepted as it says on rule 1. You get unaccepted and/or blocked. If you are a private profile, you cant go on. If your a stalker of one of my freinds, you cant go on. Thank you for reading this.

Ok after all of that (If you do get past all of that) lets get to the good stuff. First I am a fan of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Second, I am a person into history and collecting objects. Third, I like to play games like Tf2, CS:S, ( I am not much of a fan of CSGO), I like to play stratagy games like EU4. Victoria 2, and some other games. I have a instagram but I dont like people on here following it. Its ok if you do but just let me know. Also I have a Numista and a Backup steam account that I am making. If you want a link to my Numista here it is.
Also while your here if I add you is because of 1: You seem pretty cool and i trust you. or 2: I know you from somewhere. ________SIDENOTE_________________________The prevoius owner of this profile (as you may know serb) has been realy busy, so i own it know until September or november. Also call me George.
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Well windows 10 isn't bad it just looks like it was designed for 70 year olds
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windows 7 > any other windows version
Donald J. Trump Sep 4 @ 5:35pm 
-Rep little ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥♥♥ doesn't like windows 7
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It’s been a while since I’ve been able to just talk to someone and move my arms freely.
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