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May 6 @ 2:54am
In topic "Smearing" graphics in Manjaro Linux
Wow, that is weird. Haven't seen this issue before. Glad it works now.
May 6 @ 2:51am
In topic 如何设置中文 求助!!
Press ESC in the main menu and you should see the settings screen where you can set the language.
Thanks for the report! Will check out your savegame!
Mar 28 @ 6:22am
In topic Lovecraft rework
Hey thanks for your insightful comment. You raise some good points.
Mar 28 @ 6:20am
In topic Lag for every tile walked on the map
I see. Thanks for the follow-up. Let me know if you find any more info on this.
Mar 28 @ 6:17am
In topic Et les animaux alors ?
Haha.. yeah, that's a good point. I'm not sure if it possible to fix this in a mod. Maybe we should add an option for that. Anybody else interested in that?
Mar 28 @ 6:12am
In topic 如何设置中文 求助!!
Sorry, didn't see this. Were you able to set the language correctly?
Mar 28 @ 6:11am
In topic Any chance we could get a console port?
Haha thanks! Console version confirmed! :)
Mar 7 @ 5:59am
In topic Lag for every tile walked on the map
Sorry about that. By moving a single tile you mean every time you cross into a new tile or once per general travel leg?
Mar 4 @ 7:25am
In topic 游戏运行无反应!?
Sorry to hear that. Please send an email to with your OS info and we'll try to help you from there.
Feb 26 @ 1:45am
In topic Character creation
Thanks for the suggestion! We have the feature on our list :)
Feb 25 @ 3:17am
In topic error not a mod
hi joel, you're missing curly braces around the modInfo section. Please also consider joining our discord. We have an active channel for modding help.
Feb 25 @ 2:56am
In topic poor performance after second launch
Thanks for the follow-up!
Feb 25 @ 2:55am
In topic Crashes (White Screen)
Sorry about that! Are you still experiencing this issue? Please write to and we'll help you out there.
Feb 25 @ 2:54am
Sorry to hear that. Please write to and we'll try to help you out directly.
Feb 25 @ 2:52am
In topic More detailed scores?
Hello Suizin, thanks for playing the game! The travel report was unfortunately removed. The increased amount of stats is a good idea. Will definitely make a note for that!
Feb 25 @ 2:50am
In topic New Secret Explorer!
Amazing work on the wiki Pheneriak! We're really blown away!
I think there's a good chance for that
Thanks for the suggestion! I've added her to our brainstorming document :)
Jan 30 @ 2:31am
In topic Failed to Start
Sorry about that. Are you running Kasperky software?
Showing 1-20 of 1,665 entries