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:csgox:Hey! Welcome to my profile! Here, you will find some information and rules you may find helpful!

:csgox: Firstly, I am a TF2 YouTuber currently with 78000+ subs at the time I am writing this. I upload almost every day so if you're in to TF2 Videos and general gaming content feel free to drop by! My YouTube profile

:csgohelmet: Want to donate or trade with me? My Trade link . Donations are not compulsary at all but are very much appreciated!

:crate: If you use it, be sure to follow my twitter! Here you willl find updates, and be able to communicate with me! My Twitter

Rules on adding me

:spycon: If you're adding me, leave a comment on my profile saying why, I get many friend requests! :spycon:

:spycon:If you're adding me to trade, please consider offering on my TF2Outpost Profile [] :spycon:

:csgogun: Unfortunately, I don't accept friend requests from Private Profiles or level 0 ones, due to the high amount of phishing/scamming accounts circulating at the moment. :csgogun:

:sticky: Generally, I do not join Steam groups unless I go out of my way to do so. Adding me to a raffle group that I have no intention of joining may get you removed :sticky:


Online - Generally will be active, feel free to message me, invite me to games or whatever. Slow replies could be due to me watching a youtube video or playing the Xbox so keep that in mind if I don't reply.

Away - As the titles suggests, probably means I'm making a video, recording something, eating or just generally not able to talk or play.

Offline - I don't need to explain this one.
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ChaCoWako. 3 hours ago 
Pyro plz accept trade :(
InactiveHorse_97 5 hours ago 
Oh BTW here is the of the guy i tried to trade:
InactiveHorse_97 5 hours ago 
Hey PyroJoe I need your help I Believe i've been scammed. I lost almost my entire inventory and this guy is demanding 30 keys for return. I can't afford all that. PLS Pyrojoe I need help I'm desperate. Here is the link to the guy, he says he's an admin of trading but i'm not sure anymore. . I made a trade with another user but he removed me and he won't respond my messages. PLS HELP!!!
Scout 18 hours ago 
is your Unusual Vive La France for sale?

TEG 22 hours ago 
I've come into something valuable and I'm in need of a little bit of advice. I'm having a mental crisis about it and I need some help, if you don't mind helping me (it's an unusual and its, as far as my friends know, its 1 of a kind)
Totally A F2P | Jan 20 @ 2:25am 
Hey pyrojoe i friended you because i want some advice on selling 2 low teir unusuals