Justin   Washington, United States
I'm part of the clan TLS, we play on multiple different games and are always looking for new friends who would enjoy coming to our teamspeak or discord. I'm a pretty shy person, i have autism so i don't normally talk to strangers easily.
I'm obviously a big khorne/chaos fan of warhammer but i don't actually follow any of the beliefs, i'm an asatru/odinist. I follow the troth belief system more then any other because they believe in equality and that all men are decendents of the Aesir.

Peace Through Power. ~Motto of the Brotherhood of Nod

When life gives you lemons, Oblitorate life. ~ Blood for the blood god!

"You seek death and I would gladly rend and tear your soul. I would rip your
flesh screaming from your bones and garland this body with your entrails,
but your death is to be far worse than even one such as I could devise. Your
skull will be honoured with a place in one of the bone mountains within
sight of the Blood God." ~The Omphalus Daemonium in Graham McNeill's Dead Sky, Black Sun in the Ultramarines, Omnibus p. 533
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The Giantpenish.
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HiHi Buzz ^_^
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Привет! посмотри видео как мужик по ошибке принял писсуар за раковину и помыл в нем руки на глазах новостного канала, он использовал как мыло таблетку амортизатор которая лежала в писсуаре, телеведущая которая вела репортаж потеряла дар речи от увиденного.
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hey justin
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Прочитай мою Steam переписку где я троллил