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★DouglasFalcon: fuck you
★DouglasFalcon: learn to play
★DouglasFalcon: nigga
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Stories with people (probably)
*DEAD* Duskullus : sniper said
*DEAD* Duskullus : he will be back
Snap : that said my dad too
Red_Revoluti0n : if he was in mumble he could told us himself
Snap : it was 10 years ago
(actually It didn't happen'd)

Pro english mlg skillz:

15:04:27 Demoknight's noodles: exspeccaily when the heavy gets the uber
15:04:39 N@d@v -tt-: exspeccaily
15:04:40 Ewok: (on defence)
15:04:41 N@d@v -tt-: exspeccaily
15:04:42 N@d@v -tt-: exspeccaily

TF2center, home of porno/hentai funs:

14:50:44 Droejs: Specs, do your job
14:50:49 Droejs: Fill the holes
14:50:57 S H O R D A B O Y S: are they afk or smth
14:50:58 Droejs: 28 specs "_
14:51:03 Droejs: filling holes n shit
14:51:06 [Angry]Doctor Fluttershy: -__-
14:51:12 S H O R D A B O Y S: hope they don't spectate for real
14:51:30 Droejs: New porn coming out, 29 specs, 2 holes.
14:52:24 ༼ づ ◕◡◕ ༽づ: XD

How to talk with an engie about heavy:

19:34:36 My hamster isn't fast enough: my PC works because my hamster runs but it's not fast enough so I just lag crazy
19:34:59 BC LFT: HA_HA_HA_HA so funny omg
19:35:08 My hamster isn't fast enough: ty
19:35:15 My hamster isn't fast enough: but that's the truth
19:35:27 BC LFT: idc ill carry anyway
19:35:35 My hamster isn't fast enough: k
19:35:43 My hamster isn't fast enough: I will trow sandvches
19:36:04 BC LFT: cool
19:36:07 haiku: throw sandvich on enemies win game
19:37:00 My hamster isn't fast enough: you get all of heavy comp
19:37:17 My hamster isn't fast enough: and don't forget to steal ammo from engies
19:37:40 My hamster isn't fast enough: and spam POOTIS SPENCER HERE every sec

Meet two italian guys:

14:42:09 Rollone il camminatore(ITA): toscania
14:42:14 シノン Shinon #MGEHoovy: anch'io :D
14:42:16 JustanotherNOOB: CLEAN OFF
14:42:18 Rollone il camminatore(ITA): no
14:42:19 シノン Shinon #MGEHoovy: dietro di te :3
14:42:28 シノン Shinon #MGEHoovy: guardati le spalle
14:42:31 Rollone il camminatore(ITA): io intendevo che la toscania è peggio della piadina
14:42:37 Rollone il camminatore(ITA): padania
14:42:37 シノン Shinon #MGEHoovy: D:
14:42:41 シノン Shinon #MGEHoovy: ah ok
14:42:47 シノン Shinon #MGEHoovy: la piadiania va be
14:42:48 JustanotherNOOB: come on
14:42:50 Rollone il camminatore(ITA): piadania
14:42:53 シノン Shinon #MGEHoovy: XD

Best italian NA:

15:01:50 Łf7 | Erupo «Gғм» QB>Unus: di dove sei?
15:01:59 BC: si
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So I should believe someone who his very first alias was satana2002?
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