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~ NAILS ~ Feb 10 @ 9:35pm 
Hey i just read your post about Subnautica and i have to say i totally agree. SJW have ruined TV, Movies and now they will ♥♥♥♥ing ruin video games.
Mikasaa Jan 24 @ 2:52pm 
added me im interested to your Padda'pon of Ribbi'tar
兜 甲児 Jan 19 @ 6:36pm 
Hello mate, I sent an offer through STM, would you mind checking it?
DeepLake Jun 25, 2018 @ 3:25am 
Hey bro, I can give my Fiery Soul of the Slayer Lina arcana for all of your dota 2 loading screens (Im collecting them) so if it's ok for you send me trade offer please. Link in my bio
92 Halfway 99 May 7, 2018 @ 9:06am 
+rep for strong banter
FLWR Mar 16, 2018 @ 3:31am