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think before you squeak
"Actions speak louder than words."
"A painful truth is always better than a beautiful lie."
"The only way to win is not to play. Would you like to play a game of chess?"
"Waging war against good people is bad for the soul."
" In the end, there is light in the darkness."~Joshua graham
Indomitable spirit of human kindness
Be the change in the world you would like to see.
as long as there is love in one's heart, they will never be alone.
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Warhammer 40,000: Darktide
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Sea of Thieves
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Created by - SwagginDragon
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Want to get fit like your favorite floor 1 boss but still addicted to Gungeon? Well, this guide is for you.
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if you disagree you're wrong
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im weird and im a degenerate lol
Don't add me if you have a private profile, if you're trying to trade, or anything like that.
I won't accept random friend requests.i usually only accept if I've met you in a game or something.

hello! i change my profile name sometimes(my "default" is burningfrozenheartache) im twenty four years old and i be playin video games with my friends
i have alot of issues and i apologize but im trying my best!
i dont really have a favorite of anything for very long because my opinions change for what feels like no reason to me, also my mind changes very often and i don't know why, but i'm an open book and no question is off-limits for me!~ (use common sense though, stinky)
i tend to keep to myself (force of habit) and im usually kinda reluctant to reach out to frens (even to hang out or play games)
i usually have difficulties enjoying things
i'm timid of new people but i am an absolute gremlin on shrooms if im comfortable in an allotted space
i like to play video games,listen to music, watch youtube, sometimes i try to watch anime but it's hard for me to focus on it very long,(even though sometimes its oh so awesome) and im still trying to find more stuff that i like!! but it's very difficult..
i generally feel kinda neutral to everything until something makes me dislike it
i'll listen to almost every genre of music but i go in phases of what i can stand/like the most at the moment
(i mostly only play pve or co-op games and most of what i watch are streamer vods or horror games)
if you're reading this low, you should watch out for this manipulative sociopath. he has a horrible ego and only cares about your wallet. oh, and if you try to criticize him he'll have a hissy fit, and deletes negative comments from his steam profile.
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Created by - boywife
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an informative step by step to becoming male_07 from the popular video game Half Life 2.
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Steam Replay 2022

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Slo-moDodges Jul 21 @ 5:30am 
Hope you are doing good!
Dhar Mann May 19 @ 10:25pm 
yo im also tally
(im actually talcyon)
Orange May 19 @ 8:23pm 
do you like breakcore?
Coco-Chan May 2 @ 8:20am 
gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer
Slo-moDodges Mar 20 @ 6:41pm 
I've been doing good. Thank you for your concern. It is much appreciated.
swim Dec 27, 2022 @ 10:22pm 
awa awa