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How many times you were forced to search for a sticker that fits perfectly the colors of your weapon skins and could not find one? The idea behind this skin was to offer you a high quality dark brushed metal and solid carbon design that give the player a f


Desktop specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0ghz OC to 4.520ghz @ 1.392v
Motherboard: ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO Motherboard (Would not reccomend)
Memory: 4x Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB @ 3000
Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 TI FTW3 ELITE 11GB OC @ GPU 1500/Memory 1800 - +0mV Voltage
Storage: 480GB Kingston HyperX Predator PCIe SSD
Storage: 3 WD 4TB Black Drives
Power Supply: EVGA 850W 80 PLUS GOLD
Case: Fractal Design Define R4

Primary Monitor: 27" Asus MG279Q @ 144hz : 2560 x 1440
Secondary Monitor: 32" Sony Bravia
Keyboard: FNATIC Gear Rush Keyboard
Mouse: FNATIC Gear Flick Mouse
Headset: Sennheiser G4ME ONE

Workstation: (Unavailable - RIP)

I mine the shit out of cryptocurrencies. I also day trade :D

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There's really nothing here.
I'm telling you that you're just wasting your time

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I got nothing
Except my $6100 in bills each month

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Just kidding of course. There's nothing here.

I've played games competitively for many years, I've done my share of tournaments and professional gaming.

Nowadays I don't care as much. I work a lot, and gaming has taken a back seat towards a lot of other things in life. Although it is what I mainly do during my free time.

Please feel free to take a look at anything in my profile but please be aware that:

More often than not, I'm not interested in any trading going on. I like what I have.
I put up things that I don't want up on the market, if I have it... I'm more than likely going to keep it.

Generally I will not accept invitations from private profiles.
And I won't be joining any random groups you invite me to.

That said, I'm more than happy to add just about anybody else.

And If you've gotten a friend request from me it's simply I think you're a cool person and would like to be friends. Accept or reject is fine with me :)

PS. If you're a giant self centered douche please don't bother adding me! Thanks!
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2,874 Hours played
It can be a great game with countless hours of enjoyment.. But it can also be a giant waste of money and time.. And more than likely, something you will not play for more than few hours, or weeks ever.

As someone who's played Eve for the better part of 9 years. I've done practically everything at one point or another. Been in giant alliances and fought wars against russians. Got bored of industry and planetary crap, did the whole small corp pvp, stealth bombers and black ops. I've lived in 0.0, did the whole wormhole life and pve side of the game and quite honestly I just simply don't care for it [the game] anymore as a whole.

The game itself has changed... (honestly) very little.

The "expansions" CCP launch every year, do offer new and decent content (Usually). However, MOST of the content CCP provides for EVE is not something every player see's or experiences.

And as such, I've known many players who basically experience NONE of the new stuff provided in expansions, YEAR AFTER YEAR. and are, more or less, playing the exact same game from 4 - 5+ years ago.

There is a very real problem with EVE that I will get into in just a bit. But what EVE succeeds at ... it does... Pretty well.
It's a decent game if you have people to play with, people who know what they are doing. If you are able to join a decent corp.

If you have no friends, or no one to play EVE with, it's normally an extremely lackluster experience, very boring, and very very lonely. EVE can also be very harsh. You can get scammed, lose all your assets, and lose hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of items in game.

I knew a person who after playing the game for a month, bought a bunch of plexs. Who then undocked, and was then blown up. He lost about $300~ worth of plex. Needless to say, he quit the game shortly after.

EVE, for the most part, is a very ruthless game. You need to play it almost in the mindset of something like an even more hardcore dark souls. Expect to die, or lose your ship. Don't fly stuff you can't afford to lose, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Plan our what you're doing, where you're going. Know what you are doing, before you do it. Which, can be a little much when you are starting out.

I've known a lot of new players, and have helped a lot of new players with the game.
But, there are a lot of misconceptions. Mostly thrown off by CCP themselves, with how they portray the game... And there's a lot of unknowns and things that you just will not get your head around till you've spent a lot of time/money in the game (For the most part).

I've known plenty of people who spent months trying to get a certain ship, only to find out.. That ship was not what they expected, and they were extremely dissapointed and wound up leaving the game due to it. It's depressing to work for a carrier for many months, then to finally get it and realize.. Oh, you can't actually really use it unless you have other people or accounts to play with. There's a lot of aspects in the game that are awesome, however... They (Honestly) are not executed well imo.

Over the years, instead of EVE changing them to make them better. They've stuck with their somewhat flawed design in ways that has left a lot of people basically... In the dust. It keeps the regulars, but for the most part... A lot of other people just can't stick with it.

A lot of things in EVE really just are not designed that well for a solo player in specific scenarios. And generally, for a new player starting off... That is how it's played. Which is AWFUL. Then there's the dissapointment people get when they realize, they can't do what they thought they could. Or what they want to do. This is a hard limitation of the core game design.

EVE is a game for groups of people. If you play by yourself, you will almost certainly be bored out of your mind more than likely. You will more than likely quit the game within the first few hours.

EVE is just not good at that, and probably never will be.

Don't get me wrong, I love EVE. I always have, even though I have a lot of problems with it. I still play it to this day. I've had numerous accounts over the years and it's still something that I usually come back to for a few months every expansion. Then drop off, of course once I realize there's still nothing there for me.

Most people I knew that were hardcore into EVE and used to nolife the game, have never played it again.. There's usually two types of EVE players. Those that love it, and play it all the time. And those that play it, hate it, and never play it again.

I'm a bit of an odd one stuck in the middle but oh well :P

I hope that one day CCP can actually change some of the things that HOLD eve online back from being the best it can be. But I know that will probably never happen, I still enjoy seeing and hearing about the fleet fights, watching the killboards, and playing every now and then but... EVE can get extremely stale for a lot of people, and that's why even people who love it might never come back.

Honestly, would I reccomend EVE? Not really because MOST people (Once again, talking about in general) do not like it, and have a real hard time with the game.

There, of course, are people that love EVE and eat it up like there's no tomorrow. Great, but for most people.. It just isn't worth it.

That said, if you are interested in trying out EVE let me know. You can use my referral here.
You will get extra game time than creating a normal trial account (21 days vs 14).

So you have some extra time to train skills, try out stuff. Anyone is welcome to ask me any questions they might have. I'm always happy to help new people! My in game name is "Cilayin"

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