George Boumphrey   North Yorkshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

bum aka BumFreeze

21:39 - dolly coco: bum
21:39 - dolly coco: we have a big toe
21:39 - dolly coco: and 4 small ones
21:39 - dolly coco: im laughing
21:40 - 🅱️um: brilliant.
21:40 - dolly coco: like 4 regular ones then one fucking colossal one

11:44 - shamu: that minion makes me want to turn inside out

23:46 - logan slimcock: not even joking i just jizzed
23:46 - milkshake cereal man (ascended): ah great
23:46 - logan slimcock: brb

rekking butthurt christian homophobes 24/7
8:00 PM - 21 Oct 2014
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Competitive videogaming experience:
Pocket main but playing med now bc I was too bad at that class lol
Made open playoffs with 4 default wins and 0 legitimate wins
Got banned from Minecraft esport bc Mclane hacked -______-
1st loser in mid

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1.3 @ 1600 DPI

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not actually for trade im just showing off xd

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transmummy18 Jul 8 @ 3:53pm 
notices the bulge in your pants, deducing that it must in fact be a katana tries to woo you in order to gain your prized family katana OwO what's this? glomps you, unaware that what I thought was your katana was in fact your ding dong. I go to grab it anyways, and snap it in half by accident. I feel blood on my hands and know I made quite the mistake Uguu~ senpai, sowwy for huwting u :'( winces in pain, because Nii-chan is screaming directly into my organ of corti Just another day in the life of Nya-chan ^ _ ^
Mclane Team Fortress 2 Jun 30 @ 5:30am 
dill or no dill
you get a schcolarship to go to cambridge university, but it is cambridge ringroad university
xXRamOn82Xx Jun 21 @ 10:05am 
Hi bum I was looking at the Counter-Strike Achievement guide you made and I was having difficulty trying to get the acheivement One shot One kill I know Its description but Its not so straight foward others are also having difficulty trying to get this achievement In the comments of the guide If you found any solution please msg me thanks.
Mclane Team Fortress 2 Jun 12 @ 1:06pm 
Bumfreeze-TPF-: there should be a knife for The SPY that backstabs you in the front and facestabs you from behind
dolly May 25 @ 4:24pm 
hey... i just want to say your my favourite player! oh god sorry if that came across as weird! its just that i saw you in a lobby and was wondering if you could mentor me on scout and maybe watch some of my demos? i look up to you as a player and i think your super cool. oh god im being weird again sorry!!! add me if you can mentor me thanks
Future Sandwich May 22 @ 6:28am 
v i d e o g a m e s ! ! !