STEAM_0:1:4786732   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
I am Bill Justice/Regia Caprea (billkamm.9201) in Guild Wars 2

DOD Clans
Joined Sp3c|aLisT in 1.3 Beta
Took over as leader of Sp3c|aLisT in 1.0

Went to Winter CPL 2004 with Pizzabagels
Went to Summer CPL 2005 with Sp3c|aLisT

Played with Veni Vidi Vici, Happy Helmet, MVPz and cBerry in past seasons.
Played in CAL Invite, TPG Upper, and STA Gold with Sp3c|aLisT
Played in TPG 3v3 with Sp3c|aLisT, Pizzabagels, and Iron City Evil
Played in SLDL with No Limit
Played in OGL with Pizzabagels

DOD Community Involvement
TPG Head Admin for several years
I host the TPG website. I also helped with coding the website.
Helped with CAL Classic DOD League
Former match broadcaster
Former host of PuB CaP on UC Radio
Created the movie "Prone to Own"
Created the map dod_snowpillars_b1

Sp3c.org mirror (sp3c.org is gone) [www.billkamm.net]
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Using your profile to "comment on a friends profile". Pillar of the community!
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play some dota lol
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I seriously need to play Team Fortress 2...
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