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it's good but the setting/art style was way more hype - behind the retro facade is a pretty basic repetitive platformer. nice game to play while downloading something or compiling code.
Posted May 15.
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a truly original puzzle game with strange mechanics and lovely graphics. an absolute gem to play.
Posted May 15.
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hellblade was one of the most amazing gaming experiences i've had in years. the kind of game that you will think about often long after you've played it. and one you'll judge future single player experiences against.

the setting, visuals, music, story, and of course, the voices, provide an incredibly immersive experience. most of all, the minimalist UI (there really isn't any) is absolutely brilliant. it is you and your sword and the voices in your head. no health meter, no icons, nothing. this allows you to really put aside your reality and make Sensua's reality yours...

the sword play is incredibly satisfying - while there are definitely some moves that are repetitive, there's a very subtle way to control combat that really stands out - it's much more about choosing targets and controlling the timing than the way you swing the sword. the "voices" are an integral part of the combat as well ("look out behind you!").

the puzzles are very clever and everything you need is provided - i never once had to look at a walkthrough. some of the puzzles are so incredibly satisfying you'll want to do them again. the game slowly gives you more hints so the difficulty is really based on how long you take to solve the various puzzles. you always feel like you're moving forward, rarely do you have to backtrack, and there is really no frustration.

the ending of the game is also incredible and deeply moving. i felt so one with Sensua by that point - i was so immersed - it was difficult to let go...

she is so powerful. she is so human. i didn't want the experience to end.

p.s. there was one glitch in the game involving doors that had me very annoyed - if you can't seem to open a door you need to take one step back - maybe this has been patched as it was a painful bug in an otherwise bug free (for me) game.

p.p.s. the "mental illness" aspect of the game should be set aside, imho - you should play the game for what it is. a tragic story of a lover who is present. i think the game designers try too hard to justify the game's story as a statement on mental illness. it feels forced and takes away from a very unique, dark, powerful experience - and it takes away from Sensua - to think of her as mentally ill is a huge disservice to her very real agony and strength.
Posted May 15. Last edited May 15.
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the moment this opens you know it's going to be great - a giant wall with huge letter - a man crossing in front of it, left to right - (that Wes Anderson effect to show the starkness.)

then we're in the interrogation kiosk and everything you loved about the game is there just the way you imagined- that low tech feeling of runaway bureaucracy, the shabby table and scratched glass and the squeaky safe... and the sullen face of interrogator...

incredible lighting, music, sets, acting - perfectly portrayed characters, this is an amazing work whether you've played the game or not.
Posted May 6.
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without a doubt my favourite game of 2018. the physics and mechanics of Far are intuitive and satisfying and the puzzles, while not difficult, engrossing. but the thing that made me fall in love with the game is the atmosphere. the art style, the situations, the sound, the music - so perfect, so magical, so lonely...

word of warning: it's probably 3 hours of gameplay for most people, so don't expect a long game.
Posted December 27, 2018.
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well, it's a half-life episode - it's super short (playtime and content), it's super simple

it's super free

i like the new rocket jumping gun mechanic introduced. definitely an enjoyable way to spend 15-30 minutes harkening back to the old days of nova prospekt.
Posted July 14, 2018.
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it only took around 2 hours to complete the game - but it was so worth it. one of those games that stays with you. incredibly creative story telling taking the concept of a mini-game to a totally new level, this is a very well written and scripted piece of fiction that you take a part in.

typically game scripts contain continuity issues or facepalm moments but not here - everything fits together like a puzzle. yes, it can seem as linear but then so is a good book or film...

and you know a narrative is great when there are multiple times that you want to stand up and tell someone about what you just experienced...
Posted July 8, 2018. Last edited July 8, 2018.
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I've been playing racing games a looooong time. since the 90s! i've done a bit of IRL "racing" (air quotes, i.e. trackdays) on motorcycles as well and am a huge fan of motorcycle racing and some automobile racing.

F1 2017 is the most satisfying F1 racing simulation i've ever played and the feel of the game - the racing part - is exceptional. i enjoyed playing F1 2010, 2 years ago i "upgraded" to 2014 when it was on sale, and last weekend during the big sale i got 2017.

i'm simply blown away with how much the car physics have improved in 3 years. prior F1 games were fun and worth the $$$s, when on sale, but really just entertaining arcade games. 2017 is the first time (for me) that the racing feels real and on top of that the AI can actually be quite challenging to play against. this is truly a first for me, a racing game that feels amazing and where the racing is challenging and realistic. yes, the AI still has lots of quirks that make it very different than a human driver but nevertheless it works! it's fun!

note: i have heard some folks are having some performance issues with the game. i have an i5-8400 and a 1060 and the game runs incredibly well on the system.

note2: despite being a huge racing fan i'm quite a casual when it comes to racing games. i use the keyboard to drive. i'm not hard core enough to get a wheel setup. i'm still enjoying the %$@#! out of this title tho!
Posted March 27, 2018. Last edited April 2, 2018.
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Edit 2018.03.31: yes, i played 300hrs in the game and enjoyed quite a large percentage of those. that definitely feels like a game i should give a big thumbs up to. but in the end, a review should reflect how you feel about a game after playing it. i've played games for 1-2 hours and loved them and will have fond memories of years later (Timeframe) so # of hours is not a very interesting metric.

i've always enjoyed milsims and PUBG really hit the sweet spot there. i wanted this game to be where i spend my most precious resource: my time. i think we all agree that the potential for PUBG to be the ultimate serious FPS Battle Royale was there but has been squandered because the game is so frustrating to play at high level. with that in mind, here's the original review:

it feels weird to be thumb downing such a popular game which i myself played for over 300 hours, enjoyed with friends, had some unforgettably entertaining moments in, and whose best players i watched often on twitch when unable to play myself.

however, thumbs down it is and the game has been uninstalled.

when i got the game in september of last year it was a hot [relatively] new thing with amazing potential and it was forgivable to have all the wonky issues (desync, start game lag, etc). since then, the early access game has gone gold, introduced a new map, added cosmetics and taunts, changed balance in weapons, addressed cheats, etc. the dev team has definitely been busy and adding a lot of content and interest to the game.

the problem? the foundation on which pubg is built hasn't changed. at this point, given the focus of the dev team, this signals to me that it will likely never change.

the devs attempted to fix the start of game lag by redistributing starting player locations and removing pre-game items. to me this is a clear indication that the basic problem in the engine hasn't been addressed, just worked around. the client to client discrepancies due to architecture decisions made early in the development process now seem unlikely to be addressed in the future.

ask yourself how many times the pubg engine misrepresents player positions and angles when a kill happens. the likelihood is that more often than not someone [typically the one on the receiving end ;)] is shaking their head and it genuinely doesn't have anything to do with their reactions to what they see in the game.

as a comparison, take the decade old source engine that drives counter strike global offensive. you can complain all you want about that game but the base it is built on is incredibly solid. the surprises at every level of play have to do with player skill, not engine quirks.

when TSM_Viss returned from IEM Katowice 2018 in march - having played PUBG only on LAN and not online for several days he had this to say: https://clips.twitch.tv/SwissCaringSowHoneyBadger:

"after playing on LAN you come back to this, you guys have no idea how much lag we play with constantly in this game [...] if they could get the game feeling like how it feels on LAN, online, ho-my-god. it would be a dream."

it's 2018.

2 decades since Quake World set the bar for responsiveness in online games you simply can't have an action FPS run on an engine that must allow as much unreliability as PUBG and with no signs of that ever being addressed.
Posted March 11, 2018. Last edited March 31, 2018.
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i've been playing Viridi for over 2 years... logging over a dozen gameplay hours... clearing and watering my succulents is a strangely medatative weekly ritual.

lovely music, cute snail
Posted February 8, 2018. Last edited February 8, 2018.
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