Brian   Los Angeles, California, United States
Racke : Does this phlog pyro have a ugc gold medal

Highlander Experience:
Axl-Ffu (UGC Season 3)
Axl-Ffu (UGC Season 4)
Axl-Ffu (UGC Season 5)
Axl-Wat (UGC Platinum Season 6)
Axl-Wat (UGC Platinum Season 7)
Axl-Wat (UGC Platinum Season 8)
Ghetto Afterthought (UGC Platinum Season 9)
High Voltage (UGC Platinum Season 11)
Too Many Cooks (UGC Silver Season 15)
Bonus! points (UGC Gold Season 16) - 2nd Place
Super Fast Lightning Quails (UGC Gold Season 17)
quail noises (UGC Gold Season 18) - "1st Place"
The Bullet Club (UGC "Gold" Season 19)

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