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Short: So, this game has a lot of promise but it's very rough around the edges. On sale for $10 it's an acceptable asking price, anything further is a rip-off.

Long: I mean the basic concept of the game is pretty fun. Unfortunately sooner or later it becomes repeditive or worse. It took me about 14 hours of play time to rank up from level 1 (Officer) to level 15 (Chief of Police). The levels don't really do anything as a far as I can tell, since you are a lone police officer with no backup. As far as ticketing and arrests of daily street crime, this game has got it. Anything else, not implemented. This game would probably benefit from multiplayer and some bug fixes but I don't see that happening. The developer himself stated they are a small studio and originally, they didn't even plan to update this. They did release a few updates because of the amount of interest there is, but if you buy this you should expect that you are purchasing a run-down game. I mean, it's good to kill time, but further then that there is just simply not much to do.

This game also features an off-duty side, but it's really poorly implemented and boring to do. I usually slept for 6 hours, watched TV 3-5 times and was already to go on duty again. It's really passable and more of an inconvience then anything more.
Posted April 6, 2015.
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Showing 1-1 of 1 entries