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Friends list cleared on a space-needed basis. Hope you understand.
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PιØŦŘØØØ🐹 3 кві о 6:23 
so you created no more room in helll? wow.
Holy Crap 13 лют о 4:46 
Hey, I added you regarding the crash dumps on my server with QOL.
DertayWatormelun 1 лют о 20:46 
Still remember when we kicked ass on HL2DM. Those were the days man.
Raccat Kingsverbrud 25 січ о 10:23 
Add you finally the ability to create a separate private server for friends. And it's impossible to play with friends.
Fers 20 січ о 6:40 
Added for Nmrih business inquiries
Сriceta proelium 19 січ о 3:12 
I don't need updates on NMRiH! I need NMRiH 2!!!!!:masonfist: