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Friends list cleared on a space-needed basis. Hope you understand.
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Ever Daniel 2시간 전 
Have an amazing day you fine people! :heartris:
Woisy [MG] 2018년 8월 17일 오전 8시 08분 
<3 nmrih
CliffordTheBigRedCat 2018년 6월 19일 오후 9시 36분 
Hi, I was just banned from NMRIH Server #1 for "Abusive'. We were all playing Fema map and suddenly it said Discontented Reason: Abusive.

This is very upsetting since I play on AoC servers every single day and i love them.
PιØŦŘØØØ🐹 2018년 4월 3일 오전 6시 23분 
so you created no more room in helll? wow.
Holy Crap 2018년 2월 13일 오전 4시 46분 
Hey, I added you regarding the crash dumps on my server with QOL.
DertayWatormelun 2018년 2월 1일 오후 8시 46분 
Still remember when we kicked♥♥♥♥♥on HL2DM. Those were the days man.