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Friends list cleared on a space-needed basis. Hope you understand.
ARandomNoob szept. 5., 15:55 
This guy helped making NMRiH, he's a chad
Rudu júl. 24., 16:01 
ab jún. 8., 14:13 
Weird Q, but did you ever run or advertise a website rsgs dot net ?
Ambarman ápr. 9., 9:35 
Hello!! How are you? I have agreed you because you make maps with hammer editor. I am starting with it and love it.
Deathless Pepsi febr. 14., 4:02 
+rep Righteous Community Manager :nmrih:
Uncanny Moskvich 2022. dec. 5., 1:37 
@Trinity, his avatar is the admin character from the battlefield friends series on youtube