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The medic plays God, in a special game of "Win the War," created for his own amusement.

For a moment, consider the medics healing abilities as his cashflow or regular income. However, at the end of each second, whatever profit he doesn't spend will vanish out of existence. No savings will compound over time, so the Medic is left in a street-rules winner-takes-all deathmatch against the Lord of Time himself.

Depending on the amount of time since spending their last health, I have the opportunity to give someone roughly 25 to 75 health per second. And every second wasted without healing, is money I lose. Add into this the components of overheal (health temporarily surpassing the built in limit to a literally superhuman surplus) and the possibility to risk medigun time in exchange for superior heal rates with the Crusaders Crossbow or the Amputator taunt, and the Medic goes from being a bottom-of-the-barrel NPC placeholder for a real class to a precision stock trader that undergoes more explicit choices per second than any other character in Valve's franchise.

Perhaps some the Medics unpopularity in the Team Fortress 2 community is simply due to the fact that we're all too fucking stupid to play him. Usually this level of mentally-strenuous, high-pressure complex decision making is only found in StarCraft, Kriegspiel Chess, and the campaign for North Africa.

Great medics don't merely decide the outcomes of matches. To say that they win games misses the point entirely. Medics change games. At a completely fundamental level. In the same way that a car crash can suddenly bring you to hell, or that the unexpected face of a love one in a public place can change your brains entire interpretation of that environment, in an instance. The presence of a medic, quite literally, changes the game that you are playing.

And what could feel better than being responsible for that?

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