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I can't rate it 10/10 because the tenth player never joins
I can't rate it 9/10 because out of the 10 players in a match, only 1 speaks english
I can't rate it 8/10 because only 2 people actually know how to carry their team.
I can't rate it 7/10 because it doesnt matter how good you are, 3 people on your team will yell at you.
I can't rate it 6/10 because the rest of the 4 players on your team won't shut up when you are last one alive
I can't rate it 5/10 because the 5 players on the enemy team are either too good, or really ♥♥♥♥ing bad.
I can't rate it 4/10 because 4 people rushed B and none survived..
I can't rate it 3/10 because valve doesn't like anything that has to do with 3, and will take down this review
I can't rate it 2/10 because only 2 team mates know call outs, but half of the time in a different language.
I can't rate it 1/10 because that is how much I lit the enemy with my glock despite having shot a million bullets.
I can't rate it 0/10 because 0 people in the discussion forms have any sort of common sense.

So I rate it an 11 because its a game I keep coming back to.
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