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These tour counts listed below are from when I used to put my tour counts on my profile information box, I no longer add them or update them, but I decided to keep them here.

Old MvM Tour Counts:

Updated: 29/04/2015:
Oil Spill: 3 Tours
Steel Trap: 2 Tours
Mecha Engine: 15 Tours
Two Cities: 135 Tours
Gear Grinder: 30 Tours

Updated: 31/05/2016:
Oil Spill: 4 Tours
Steel Trap: 7 Tours
Mecha Engine: 66 Tours
Two Cities: 359 Tours
Gear Grinder: 51 Tours

Updated: 08/11/2016:
Oil Spill: 4 Tours
Steel Trap: 20 Tours
Mecha Engine: 76 Tours
Two Cities: 507 Tours
Gear Grinder: 54 Tours
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Team Fortress 2
About Me!
Adding Me:
First of all, I am going to start off by saying that, if you just straight up add me without leaving a comment on why, I will ignore that particular request. If you continue to spam friend requests, you will be blocked and there will be no going back on that, you have been warned! If you want to add me, send a request and LEAVE A COMMENT STATING WHY!

About Me:
My name is Matthew, although you can call me Matt or Matty if you wish.
I love playing Mann vs. Machine in TF2, I currently do not play the casual gamemode, or any community servers anymore. I am kind of hoping to get back into that in the future, really annoyed me when Valve removed their original pubs.

Notes About Me:
If you see me in mvm, please take note that I will not:
-Play with shit players
-Play with idiots who are not willing to take advice
-Play with people that can't upgrade properly, especially if you can't upgrade properly after some tours
-Take any shit from randoms at all

I do enjoy to carry random teams in MvM sometimes, but I primarily play in lobbies with 4 people. Not so I can get carried, or because I can't carry randoms or whatever. It's because I get very pissed off with the randoms in MvM games easily, and if I don't have kick power, then I get even more pissed off. That's why I play in lobbies of 4 or more, although I prefer to keep it 4 people maximum, because I'm an asshole, and I like to kick people for no reason quite a lot of the time. You can call me an asshole for that, and/or whatever other shit you want to call me. I will NOT care, your opinion on me does not bother me in the slightest way. If you don't like it, fuck off. Oh and also, if you get kicked from an MvM game by me or by someone in my lobbies, don't bother commenting. Sometimes I may reply to the comments and be in the mood to argue like hell, other days I just will not care, remove your comment and block you. One last thing, I do NOT give a shit about how many tours you have either, because 1) A higher tour number does not always equal a higher skill level (this is the case I'd say around 60% of the time). 2) I couldn't care if you have more tours than me, or couldn't care if you are the person with the most amount of tours out there. If I feel like it, you will be kicked, and I will not care what you have to say about that.

I told Trickstabber to check out my new addition to my 'About Me!' box.
Trickstabber: Was expecting you would mention DD as an example
Good point, he is a perfect example of one of the shittest players out there, considering he is one of those people with the most tours.

Current MvM tour count (This get's updated when I feel like it):
Updated: 08/11/2016:
Oil Spill: 4 Tours
Steel Trap: 20 Tours
Mecha Engine: 76 Tours
Two Cities: 507 Tours
Gear Grinder: 54 Tours

MvM Australium Drops:
(43 Total)
(If you see an X for the tour number, it's because I can't find or remember the tour number)

Oil Spill:
-None because you can't get them on Oil Spill you dumb fuck

Steel Trap:
- Tour 1 - Wrench

Mecha Engine:
-Tour 40 - Stickybomb Launcher
-Tour X - Force-A-Nature (Not sure if this was before or after I got the Stickbomb Launcher)
-Tour 90 - Scattergun

Two Cities:
-Tour 10 - Ambassador
-Tour 15 - Frontier Justice
-Tour 45 - Grenade Launcher
-Tour 102 - Rocket Launcher
-Tour 113 - Flame Thrower
-Tour 148 - Blutsauger
-At this point I went on a huge 170+ tour dry streak on two cities for an australium:
-Tour 33x - Axtinguisher (Can't remember the tour, but it was 330 something)
-Tour 358 - Blutsauger
-Tour 384 - SMG
-Tour 458 - Black Box
-Tour 468 - Sniper Rifle
-Tour 471 - Knife
-Tour 521 - Scattergun
-Tour 536 - Wrench
-Tour 538 - Sniper Rifle
-Tour 584 - Flame Thrower
-Tour 595 - Wrench
-Tour 624 - Minigun
-Tour 675 - Black Box
-Tour 687 - Knife
-Tour 720 - Stickybomb Launcher
-Tour 738 - SMG
-Tour 755 - Minigun
-Tour 765 - Axtinguisher
-Tour 774 - Minigun
-Tour 817 - Force a Nature (On the exact mission that I recieved Metal Massacre)
-Tour 866 - SMG
-Tour 942 - Black Box
-Tour 1042 - Axtinguisher
-Tour 1068 - Frontier Justice
-Tour 1070 - Stickybomb Launcher
-Tour 1142 - Stickybomb Launcher
-Tour 1220 - Eyelander
-Tour 1234 - SMG
-Tour 1259 - Frontier Justice
-Tour 1281 - Knife
-Tour 1286 - SMG
-Tour 1296 - Black Box

Gear Grinder:
-Tour 63 - Sniper Rifle

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last played on Sep 6, 2018
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last played on Jul 12, 2018
Trickstabber Jan 11 @ 9:55pm 
Lying? You delusional fool, look around you! This entire comment section is a perfect demonstration of our influence in MvM. 163 pages full of crybabies like you. You are one of those people who caused Europe to become the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ it is today, keep denying that there is nothing bad going on but we all know that's not true. I can slam the truth right into your face but you can still convince yourself of the opposite, that takes some massive stupidity to do so.
|TvM| ♕Bobbyp02♕ Jan 11 @ 2:26pm 
Still at it? Jeez. Calm down
$mallLoanOfAMillionDollar$ Jan 11 @ 8:20am 
Yeah keep lying to yourself I hope it keeps you alive at nights :)
Trickstabber Jan 6 @ 10:09pm 
Avoid us? Good luck with that. The dark side has taken over MvM, we have increased the toxic level of the entire community and we will continue to do so. You will bend to our will, or you will be destroyed!
$mallLoanOfAMillionDollar$ Jan 6 @ 1:02pm 
Meh..... sure I was upset but nevertheless I finished my tour and will continue avoiding people like you.
Trickstabber Jan 6 @ 12:44pm 
Keep acting as if nothing happened. But we all know the truth, we made you cry like a toddler and laughed our asses off at your pathetic attempt to somehow humiliate us. You can't stop the dark side, I have created this toxic empire of sadists and degenerates and I use it as I please.