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Thomas Was Alone

This game, the first time I saw it, I tought, it'll be more of those plataform games where you need to solve some puzzles. But no, the game really have a story. It starts just with Thomas (alone, of course), that is a rectangle, and meets some new friends (shapes), six total at the main story, and they start to help each other to solve the puzzles and they kinda create a gang, group of friends, and there are some relations between some of the characters, and all of this is awesome.


The puzzles in the game are actually pretty standart, but the coop aspect with the Thomas' friends are amazing. You need to think like they were one individual. And you discover more of the story, more you play, so, I think it's pretty simple to understand the mechanics and what you can do and what you can't with each character (like height jump, special abilities). Generally, it's a game to appreciate, and separate some time to spend in, because it'll give you good smiles, laughs and you will feel relaxed.

Pros and Cons


- It's relaxing.
- It's simple.
- It's very very funny!


- None! :)


You should definitely buy this game if you have the money. It's terrific if you consider what you paid. The peace you experience with Thomas Was Alone is absolutely incredible, the game immerses you with Thomas and his friends and you can't stop playing. If you like the genre, like some good puzzles, not hard at all, buy it no fear, trust me. Therefore, I really recommend Thomas Was Alone to your library. Enjoy it as soon as you can!
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