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Why i'm a horrendously Racist MvM player.
I play demo in MvM and get told to go to the Fields to Pick Cotton.
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Matoro27 Aug 18 @ 4:55pm 
the Boy
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fench ries
Medihira ''Filler'' Miller Jun 15 @ 11:47am 
I showed it to him lmao
werapt_r Jun 15 @ 4:55am 
Thank you Matoro27 - very cool! :Uranium:
Matoro27 Jun 14 @ 2:09pm 
"For the last 30 years i've played this game of Civilization. It is now the year 40.000, and the game has somehow progressed into actual space. The Americans (me) have (d)evolved into a dictatorial theocracy and due to some glitch most of my technology tree has been rendered inaccesible, i am constantly beset by a type of barbarian unit called chaos cultists that seem to spawn in random cities every 5 turns or so, in fact several cities have actually been completely captured by these barbarians. The Vikings have somehow turned green and spread over most of the map, and are according to the game "at war with the Vikings". The Celts have reached very advanced technologies, but during the course of the game have been hunted almost to extinction and now roam the map without possessing any physical territory.
Matoro27 Jun 14 @ 2:09pm 
The Egyptians have long since been defeated (around turn 1000, i think), but for some reason are still not recognized by the game as eliminated. The French was supposedly one of the nations at the very start of the game, but amazingly enough i have not seen a trace of them, presumably their settlers and scout did not spawn at the start of the game due to a glitch and so they don't actually exist, although they have appeared on top of every "list of most powerful nations" in the game since about turn 300, and the game statistics say that they have 90.000 units, again, probably some sort of corruption of the save data."