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A solid little civilisation management sim. Worth a tinker.
Posted September 21, 2015.
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Early Access Review
I have been using Anarchy Arcade on and off since it was an itty bitty beta. It works really well as a 3d desktop app, if you're into that kind of thing. But where it truly shines is on the Oculus Rift. As the Oculus gains acceptance we start to see how the traditional menu > option interaction system become less relevant. Anarchy Arcade is a creative step in the direction of a fully immersive VR-desktop app. As such, it comes with some instructions that you really should read/watch.

One of my main gripes with the concept is that you have to load up one game to play another. But it's more about the time in between games that matters. If you get bored of playing one game and want to play another, you drop back into Anarchy Arcade and get to find your other game through the VR desktop (a.k.a your 'arcade'). If you're using the Oculus this means you don't have to take the headset off, and it's pretty cool too.

This is an interesting concept in human-computer interaction and I recommend people check it out. If you HAVE an Oculus, you cannot miss out on this one.
Posted September 1, 2014.
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tl,dr: I get the feeling this game was a college project that got out of hand. I can't recommend buying this game at full price but if you see it on sale pick it up.

This game has some really well composed environments and the engine has some very nice shading options, but the model and texture artists seem to have been modelling for a bygone era. There is a lot of low detail models and textures that could be so much more detailed. The environments are really well composed. A lot of places look very pretty and screenshottable except for the noticeably low resolution textures andrepetetive models. Maybe you guys only had one artist and he was under the pump the entire time? Usually low detail wouldn't bother me but for a game that so heavily advertises its art, and has a setting for 'superb' on graphics, I was expecting something more... impressive. Considering the game was released in 2013, I saw no baked normal maps and the normal maps I did see were obviously generated in photoshop from images. The environment composition was great but the models and textures themselves left me feeling unfulfilled and alienated.

As for the timing of the release, I'm sure you guys have had some pressure from comparison to Dear Esther. And I gotta say, you invited it. Guess which game I am summarizing: A quiet, piano fuelled romp along a deserted island with some old pom narrating about a sickness that cleaned the island out. Gameplay focus on exploration in pretty, gritty environment. Some scaryish bits. After playing both I'll attest they are quite different, but those who liked one would like the other. Maybe you could have delayed the release for a little while, focussed on some of the problems and then released to an audience with not such a fresh memory of your direct competition? More time to bake those normal maps too.

The gameplay itself showed some bad design decisions. For instance, the massive camera shake at the start. I think I played this how it was supposed to be played - late at night, lights off, headphones in - and I think you guys were trying to force the player to feel like a concussion victim. I know I did and I don't usually have motion issues. When I did finally get the walking stick it was a bit too much of a relief. Also the first part with the kid laughing was badly executed. I didn't know if I was still in a cutscene or not because the screen still letterboxes until the player moves. The laughing track was repeated and not creepy and there was no creepy leadup to that scene so it felt really out of place.

What this game does show though, is the capability of a team to band together and get some♥♥♥♥♥♥done. The game seems programmatically sound and, even though there are some bugs and strange occasions, it all works well enough. If this was the entire work of two or three people then I applaud your efforts for getting this thing out the door and shipped on steam. You can only go up from here. If this was a big team then I'm not very impressed with the net product. I'm going to recommend this game though because I like seeing small game studios like you guys get publicity and go on to greater things. Fills me with hope. Hoy ti, mañana yo.
Posted August 29, 2014.
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