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Hello! This map has officially been added to TF2 in the Summer 2023 Update. I'm leaving this page up for historical purposes, but you should be using the in-game version for anything else, as this one won't be updated any further. If you want to support

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Brokkhouse Sep 19 @ 2:39pm 
it's true
Hoppkins Sep 19 @ 10:25am 
Rotunda choo choo
Brokkhouse Jul 14 @ 8:06am 
it's true
kanibal113 Jul 14 @ 1:47am 
Brokkhouse Jun 27 @ 11:47am 
It's a quote from the German comedian Loriot, from one of his christmas sketches. I dunno, I just kinda like it.
Mайкл282 Jun 27 @ 7:26am 
@Brokhouse My poor translation of "Früher war mehr Lametta" was "There use to be more tinsel." which evoked more childhood memories of 1968 (TF2 time frame). I may be mistaken in the translation. We called the thin metal strips "tinsel" that were fun to burn up on the track of the train under the Tannenbaum, and never heard the term "lametta" until now (even though I grew up with all the German-speaking farmer neighbors).