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im epicest Jul 1 @ 5:44pm 
like no joke
im epicest Jul 1 @ 5:44pm 
vro you is jeffy
im epicest Jul 1 @ 5:43pm 
Jeff Paul Jul 1 @ 1:44pm 
come at my house and call me your god
Naby Dec 23, 2017 @ 10:54am 
Hey, fag. You think you're hot shit? Just because you troll HL2RP servers doesn't make you cool. You're not "an epick troll" OKAY? I'd say that you're twelve years old, but even a six year old isn't as immature as you. You don't understand how to roleplay, and you never will. You don't understand that ERP makes BONDS between characters, OKAY BUDDY? Just because I ERP doesn't mean I'm a fucking loser. You're the FUCKING LOSER for trolling every single day on servers where people just want to roleplay peacefully. FUCK YOU!!! You fucking stupid asshole. Just because you have some ESP from MPGH or some dumb shit doesn't make you a FUCKING HACKER, stupid BITCH. Watch out around me buddy, because I'm 6'3" and 230 pounds of muscle, fucking idiot. I have your address, and I'm not afraid to do SHIT. FUCKING BITCH! If you haven't gotten it through your fucking THICK SKULL yet, FUCK YOU RETARD!!! And don't make fun of my autism either!! I'm smarter and more mature than you, FUCKING SHITHEAD