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8.0 hrs on record
Not as surprising or magical as the first one, but I did like it a lot, especially since the thing you spend the most time doing was specifically nostalgic for me. Mini-games are a mixed bag, but a few are great, and none were that hard, so it's a good trip to the zoo.
Posted August 20.
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2.7 hrs on record
This is a pretty small game, but I had a blast with it. I think this and Tilt Brush are my favorites to show off to first-time VR users.
Posted July 4.
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0.9 hrs on record
This game kept showing up among popular VR games so I decided to try it out. I was disappointed.
- Totally smooth on geforce 1080. Looks good; generous particle effects.
- When everything syncs up, VR beat dance is a great idea, and fun.
- Pretty cool that it can import youtube videos, though it takes a while and seems to be only some subset of youtube.
- The automatic beat inference is bad. I tried a bunch of different music, including just some random tunes I like, electronic music that I thought would be "easy for it", and the globally most popular tracks (which I figured must be good?). There were certainly moments where I felt the sequence matched the song well, but they didn't last long. Like sometimes you'd get to a point in the song that was obviously symmetric to something you just did, but the dot sequence would just be different.
- Menus and things seem pretty unpolished. "Change location" button just didn't do anything. Post-game report is like an ascii-formatted text file that shows up in a text box. There is no introduction for first-time players; it just throws you into the song browser.
- Seems like they could easily provide more environments, but there are only three, so I got bored of those pretty fast.
- It's hard to get perfect scores, but I didn't find the game all that challenging even at the highest level; there's not much negative feedback if you miss hitting dots and you can't "fail" a song like in Guitar Hero. I would like to see it directly challenge me some more. It also could use the up/down dimension more on difficult sequences. It's mostly punching back
and forth at chest level.

If this had a much better sequence inference, or a library of hand-tuned sequences for good music, I could definitely see getting into it.
Posted June 4.
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23.2 hrs on record
Just for the record, I didn't play this game for 23 hours. I think it crashed and still had a process running in the background or something. I probably played for 90 minutes before feeling done.

This is a fine abstract walking simulator. The color aesthetic and sounds are great, but after getting that initial feeling, there's not really that much else to do or be surprised by. Aside from a couple of "wow" moments as you progress, it mostly felt like a randomly-generated island. Worth trying, but I can't really say I "recommend" it.
Posted June 4.
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27.1 hrs on record
I liked this game more than I thought I would, I think even better than the first one. On the one hand it's the same formula (tried & true), but they've certainly refined it. Upsides:
- Great architecture and level design.
- The Clockwork Mansion (especially) and Crack in the Slab were very creative and unexpected.
- Lots of content and collectibles, and lots of different ways to play.
- It's pretty easy unless you're going for like full mercy, and then it's mostly annoying because of random deaths. Fun to do for one level with quicksave, for sure.
- Some of the powers are pretty useless. It's fun to collect stuff, but I ended up using just a handful.
- Story was not as clean as the first one, but still way more coherent than most first-person shooters.
Posted May 5.
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8.4 hrs on record
Very good throwback to NES days. There are a few anachronisms (e.g. sprites are made of big chunky pixels but are just blit at arbitrary sub-"pixel" locations, so you get distracting half-pixels and the movement feels too smooth), but maybe I am just oversensitive to this stuff, and there's plenty that feels very authentic. Sadly, there are also ways in which it's TOO authentic: The player moves pretty slowly, and you often have to boringly retread areas of the map, or redo this pointless easy prelude before trying a boss again for the 10th time. But generally it's spot on, has good music and graphics and maps. Outside of the boss battles, the only challenge of combat is that you'll get impatient due to slow movement and do something dumb. One boss battle was exceptionally well designed, and they're all at least fun. I liked the powers that you accumulate in order to further your ability to explore, and they're right at the sweet spot with the possibility to glitch your way through parts or sequence break. Heartily recommended for retro Metroidvania fans.
Posted April 13.
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12.6 hrs on record
Fun, straightforward platformer. The difficulty curve is gradual, but it has a nice didactic structure and does get to some real challenge towards the end. The "combat" is pretty random and rarely plays a significant role (so the "Battle" in the name is sorta misleading). Very charming graphics and animation (summoning a boat will stick with me for a while). Has a very prominent announcer/narrator character that is likely to get on your nerves, but also definitely has some funny moments. Some blocks/physics are a little broken, which adds to the fun since you can find ways to abuse it for shortcuts (usually harder than just playing). There's loads of content; I beat all the regular story levels and didn't even scratch the surface in terms of user-made levels, online stuff, arena modes, and so on. Story makes absolutely no sense.
Posted April 7.
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49.1 hrs on record
This game is freakin' great. I played through the the free game and N+, way back, but this is the best version for sure. N++ is so damn hard!! But it's also fair:
- The controls and precision are exemplary, some of the best ever
- Every level is deterministic, so you can really practice your route
- The difficulty curve is nicely done, and the game teaches you tricks as you play through it
- The level design is often brilliant and there's tons of variety despite the fairly modest number of mechanisms in the game. Students of "game design" will enjoy N++ at an intellectual level.
- Even the super hidden crazy challenges are all carefully thought out, so you're always confident it's possible.

It was a blast to get good at the game and to move around in the hyperdangerous levels like a ninja. I unlocked Mysteriousness (and did a few secret challenges), which was enough for me, and it took 48 hours of game time (though that is an overestimate since I had to leave the game on mid-episode while I did something else a few times). There's probably at least double that in the game, if I really wanted to punish myself. :)

- There are a couple of great songs on the soundtrack, but a lot of the music felt a bit too sparse/repetitive to me.
- I don't like re-treading ground, and it's definitely possible to get yourself stuck by playing to the last level of an episode but not having enough time left to finish it. (I did this on E-19, which was quite annoying.) The fact that you can't restart an episode is part of what draws you in and punishes you into getting better, but IMO the game shouldn't let you get *stuck*.
- I hate rockets!
- On Windows it doesn't seem to work if I unplug my joystick and plug a new one in while the game is running. This was a practical issue since I broke one playing the game (!), and then needed to switch to keyboard controls to not lose my progress...
Posted January 21.
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38.6 hrs on record
I loved this game! Play for as long as you can without a guide, but you'll almost certainly need one, unless you're willing to draw your own maps and write down every sign you see, and solve some completely out-there riddles. It's super challenging, even with help! The controls are terrible! But there is a huge amount of great content, music, weird humor, boss battles, dungeons to explore, and there's nothing like it...
Posted November 23, 2016.
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7.6 hrs on record
This is a good little puzzle roguelike. The pixel graphics are awesome, and I had a lot of fun discovering the rules and strategies, and eventually figuring out how to beat the game (for the record, 27 points on difficulty 0). The game design is creative and pretty neat, frequently lending itself to interesting tactical situations. (Unlike most "match 3"-type games, this one is mostly deterministic, so it's fruitful to think ahead and play close to the edge.) On the other hand, I found that some characters and items are so vastly more useful than others that I always preferred them, and some monsters were so overpowered that rolling them basically ended the run for me. I think Benjamin has excellent design sense, so there's a decent chance I just failed to figure out how to use these items/abilities properly.

The game has a built-in achievement system; it would've been nice if they were Steam achievements!
Posted October 10, 2016. Last edited October 10, 2016.
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