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Hated, Hatred, Never loved and always fighting for the greater good.
It's a continuous cycle, but what can we do? I never really have people that I can talk to or that I can actually interact with. Eveyone is fake and those few that I can trust, aren't always there.
Goodbye everyone.
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The next generation in Grand Strategy gaming, unbelievable step up from Hearts of Iron III. This newer version in the series of Hearts of Iron provides the more improved and updated Clausewitz Engine bringing in the effects and graphics from Europa Universalis IV. I have extensively played multiple games from Paradox Interactive and they just keep getting better and better, trust me when I tell you that they are one of the best companies for strategy gaming, whether it is real time strategy or the luxurious Grand Strategy. Hearts of Iron IV does miss out on some of the tiny aspects of Hearts of Iron III but it incorporates a hell of a lot more. This shows that Paradox does keep in the major aspects of what gamers want out of their game, I had been waiting 2 years for this game to come out since I first played Hearts of Iron III and really got into it, and it seems that Paradox Interactive have served up to their words when they wanted to bring the next generation of World War 2 Warfare to our feet, not only bringing out an excellent game, they brought out an exquisite soundtrack, which also happens to have a few songs specific to certain nations such as a certain song sung in Battle of the Bulge for the Germans with that to exception a few classicals for Soviet Russia. Enjoyable and excellent, keep it up Paradox and definitely get this game if you want to enjoy a long enjoyable military remake of WW2.
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Friendship in life, friendship in death
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