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Planet Coaster

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RCT Classic Coaster & Ride Recreations
Collection by breezerHOG
Coaster Recreations based on RollerCoaster Tycoon & RCT Classic! also includes some other rides mixed in also, mainly a few track rides and ghost trains so far. I will continue to add more to this collection when creators release more blueprints! I am n
RCT Classic Park Scenario Recreations
Collection by breezerHOG
Park Scenario Recreations based on RollerCoaster Tycoon & RCT Classic! I am not taking credit for these creations, I did not make any of them I simply collected them together for easier finding :)
Planet Coaster - Video Games
Collection by breezerHOG
Creations in PC inspired by other video games
RCT Classic Buildings for Planet Coaster
Collection by breezerHOG
Shops, Buildings, Scenery, and more! many of these items are based on RCT Classic!! and many of them are simply traditional Theme Park items that are essential to any player looking for more basic and standard items to place within their parks. Think of it
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