Brian Whittaker   Oneonta, New York, United States
I'm Brian. I'm a normal guy. At least I think so. But a serial killer probably thinks they're normal too. I'm not a serial killer though (or a serial rapist despite the rumors at that old folks home). I have been thinking about getting into serial tickling lately though.

I've never smoked, never drank, and never done drugs and never will. I drink juice boxes at parties (the juice has a full serving of fruits and veggies in it!). :)

I'm a vegetarian and am into animal rights. No meat since 2002.

I'm very very left wing (on basically any issue you could think of: pro-feminism (radical feminist), pro-gay, anti-gun, pro-choice, etc.).
I'm registered Democrat (so I can vote in Primaries) but I'm a socialist. Little 's', NOT big 'S' like the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, or China. In true socialism money wouldn't be used at all: you get as much as you work for, so the coal miner would be on top and the CEO on bottom. (sounds like a strange role-play)

I'm Agnostic. I believe there is no way to know if there's a God. So I just live well and good on my own terms. As an Agnostic I pray to a butt on a fence.

I'm very very open-minded. I never judge anyone. Ever. It doesn't even occur to me to do so. I don't talk about people behind their backs. I don't belittle people. I treat everyone with kindness. But I'm not a push-over. I will not compromise my principles.

I can have social anxiety sometimes, but once you get to know me I can be a real firecracker (I explode in your hands ;D). I think I'm getting over my SAD though, bit by bit.

I'm 1/4 Irish (dad's dad's parents came over), I'm 1/4 Finnish (dad's mom's parents came over [I think]), Scottish, Welsh (ancestor came over in the 1630's), Native American from 2 tribes, and who knows what else.

My birthday is October 3rd.

My favorite color is green.

I have an A.S. in Liberal Arts: Science from SUNY Delhi, a B.S. in Mass Communications: Production (film and TV production) from SUNY Oneonta, and just got a B.S. in Theatre at SUNY Oneonta!

I intend to be an actor, director, screenwriter, singer, stand-up comic/comedian, writer.
And maybe late night talk show host, comic book writer, comic book artist, inventor, president of the United States, ruler of Earth, ruler of the galaxy, superhero, doctor, detective and probably many more things I can't think of right now. I also intend to study genetic engineering on my own (to make myself into aforementioned superhero).
I'd like to travel around the world, going where the wind takes me, moving from place to place, getting into adventures, sleeping under the stars, getting odd jobs here and there. Just "walk the Earth".

I like watching TV, surfing the web, boogie boarding the web, reading, playing video games, being John Malkovich, and seeing a picture show at the cinema (a movie), etc.
Sometimes I also get my party on. People find the juice boxes adorable.
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