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Hey, I'm up. Yeah, sure thing if you finding someone to talk to, hit that add button.
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Yo, there is something you may find not interesting, but hey, that's me.

1. I'm living the age of 16 and wanting to die. No, I'm not edgy, but life is so boring and heavy.
2. Yeah, I got a VAC ban. If you find it inacceptable then, duh, what can I do? Feel bad about myself? Kill myself? All of that because someone on the Internet got the insercures?
3. Likes and hates
Like: a girl who doesn't know me, obv not you.
Hate: people who eat until they are full so they can stick their noses into others problem, you, RPGs, online relationships, "we met each other in a game and now we are a couple", RPGs clans, "gamer girls", "hypocriptal Steam Community contributors".

->I'm a very nice guy.
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did u know that if u leave ur house u can get someone irl xd
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