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Nov 27 @ 7:13am
In topic so when are you solving this?
You didn't get to the end of your own first sentence in a newly created thread about your own previous post without expecting people to go searching for a link... to your post... which the thread is apparently about. Perhaps you aren't communicating your concerns to egosoft as well as you think?
Originally posted by MythTrip:
Originally posted by snuggleform:
If brevity is the soul of gaming, then wouldn't the best game be to not play any at all?
Ha , good one, and a good point. I do like complex games, this one is very involving, with lore thats deeper than greek mythology. Fascinating huge deep world.

But to all the experienced guys out there: Does everything fall into place eventually? And can you play with a real strategy, where you're in control of the battles, and can really play tactically?

Yes. I use pause liberally, and recommend you do the same. There is no rush.

If you prefer, the turn-based mode of play makes things slower. With everything broken down into very clear, logical, sequential steps you may find that more to your liking.

Personally I prefer pausing regularly without the extra trappings of turn-based play, but what suits me, may not suit you.
There is an early mission where you must build one crop farm, and one livestock farm, and give them 36 squares of land each. At first it seems like you might not be able to do it, but you can.

Might this be the mission you mean? It's two farms with 36 squares of land each, not 36 farms of each type, if that helps and you can click and drag out a number of them, you don't have to click once for each one.
Nov 8 @ 9:59am
In topic Games likes SOTS II
Originally posted by KellyR:
SotS2 is the best space wargame ever made, even to this day, even with its bugs and unimplemented features. So I think it's fair to say that another 6 months to a year of polish and they'd have delivered fine.

Optimistic, but it's possible. If they had focused on polishing up the content and fixing show-stopping bugs... who knows. Maybe we would have bought a few expansions by now.

At this point we're 10 years down the line and nobody's made a game that can take SotS II's place, so it isn't like they needed to rush to beat any external competition. Only the budget available, and perhaps Stellaris.

The people involved in the project probably never want to think about it again because of the sickening stress and pressure involved on all sides, but the sad truth is they were close to something great.
Nov 1 @ 6:38am
In topic Which side are you on?
I am of the lesser known faction f1f1escapeescape
Originally posted by eMYNOCK:
i can only confirm that HQ is working on something...

but alas... you know it as good as i do... making promises and ETAs only breakes hearts, minds and shatters souls... you will hear about what is cooking soon enough.
Good to hear, thank you for confirmation of continuing development.
Oct 30 @ 7:23am
In topic Can we have full button mapping?
Originally posted by Tatsumaru:
i've made a friendly control map with player who play battlefield control
just browse control in steam -> community -> select Battlefield control friendly or enter the link below
hope it could help you out
NIce, thanks for posting it for the community, man.
Oct 27 @ 10:40am
In topic Broken Arrow - Bradley Platform Showcase
There are strong signs this game will be decent, boys.
Originally posted by Rastrelly:
Originally posted by Holga Kilgor:
Also there is an element of chance-based failure to some of the missions in AC and it isn't really balanced for different planes - this just seems detrimental to the gameplay.
"Chance-based failure" what?
I'm on my first play-through, so I don't know which bits are in which missions exhaustively yet, but there have been a few moments where an action or a mission will fail, but you can fly just the same way again and complete the mission without problems. It's not the end of the world and the game is good, but there is something about the moments of randomness that makes playing missions (and especially re-playing missions) "feel" a bit different, less invested and juuust a tiny bit more ho-hum.

Now I come to think about it though, I was going to say "different to previous AC" but actually that would be rose-tinted spectacles at work, lmao.
Yes, me too. In my case I think the controls in PW are generally better.

Also there is an element of chance-based failure to some of the missions in AC and it isn't really balanced for different planes - this just seems detrimental to the gameplay.
Oct 23 @ 6:56am
In topic Airbus stick
Originally posted by Lunelli_98:
Finally got it! Took almost a week but it is done!
If you came up with a better input.ini, do you intend to post it?
Oct 5 @ 11:21am
In topic Games likes SOTS II
Originally posted by Drages:
Sots best part was minimal management of non-battle related things.

Yeah... not a selling point of this game for me at all.

So a good example of how viewpoints differ even among people who like the same games.

If a game has both a strategy layer and 3d tactical spaceship combat I want to know about it, personally, and I think others might, too, because this hybrid niche is sparsely populated. ymmv of course

Originally posted by Drages:
Terra is a totally different beast.

Agree, not exactly the same. Grand strategy style instead of relatively fast-moving 4x. Setting is harder sci-fi and the Solar system.

I've been playing the Early Access. It's got a Superpower meets Field of Glory: Empires/Paradox-lite vibe to the strategy game. Space combat I'm not sold on yet
Oct 4 @ 2:26pm
In topic Games likes SOTS II
Originally posted by Drages:
Terra Invicta is nothing like Sots.. even opposite.. Sots is a simple lovely space combat game with minimum planet management.

Perhaps I should have been more emphatic the last time I said it isn't a SotS-like game, and that it's Early Access.

Nevertheless as a strategy game with a ship designer and tactical space combat I expect the complete game will interest some Sword of the Stars fans.
Oct 2 @ 8:44am
In topic Games likes SOTS II
Not necessarily exactly like this as it's set around the solar system and the setting is XCOM meets The Expanse, but because it's a grand strategy with real tactical space combat I think this might be one to watch for some of us:

Edit: I noticed that if you already own Nebulous you get a bigger discount (19%) by buying the "hooded horse pack", so I decided to risk an Early Access purchase. YMMV
Sep 22 @ 6:11pm
In topic Saints Row Reboot Good?
The review bombing conversation is all very nice, but...

...the Saint's Row reboot is being panned by professional reviews and user reviews alike,videos are all over the place where you can watch someone play, in full LP format if you like and see for yourself the bugs, the characters, the dialogue etc. Any "accusation" that someone is "review bombing" is basically irrelevant in light of these things.
Sep 20 @ 3:10pm
In topic It doesnt feel very baldurs gate....!!?
Originally posted by Dragon Master:
Originally posted by Coldhands:
Gamers have been coming up with conspiracies to explain why other people and/or reality don’t agree with their preferred truth since the first message board.

True. It's interesting seeing it happen in real time as someone comes up with a theory on why someone disagrees with them then doubles down on it, getting more and more convinced they are now right and treat their theory as fact only being proven more and more as people react and go "that be dumb."

"It's so unthinkable that a person would earnestly disagree with me that people who say they do must be my enemy."

Yay 21st century discourse, I guess.
Sep 19 @ 9:54am
In topic It doesnt feel very baldurs gate....!!?
It's a shame this part:

Originally posted by armyissue69:
Fast, you're doing fine. Your initial was fine. I understood exactly what you meant to say. You are eating what trolls are feeding you. The truth is, many of the posters that have a problem with you are either paid by or work for the creator. Their job is to argue and conduct counter negativity operations.

is such nonsense because this part:

A regular gamer, who has played both BG1 and BG2, would understand exactly where you are coming from. The gameplay videos, reviews, etc are all available to see.

is quite true and well put.
Sep 18 @ 1:27pm
In topic Saints Row Reboot Good?
Originally posted by nobalkain:

That "face in the vague direction and hit y to successfully aim and shoot" mechanic, though.

Literally like a game people would play in Idiocracy.
Originally posted by Orion Invictus:
RTWP or it wasn't, the way you play has nothing to do with the way the game was designed.

Yes, encounter frequency, size and balance had to be designed with rtwp in mind, turn-based mode is the added bonus.
Originally posted by darkholyPL:
There is a bit of a... how should I put it, 'challenge' in putting those two together and making them run well in a videogame format. That's why games that were designed for RTwP (like the mentioned Pillars) work much, much better in practise, and play smoother.
Couldn't disagree more if you are suggesting this applies for the first game, which I so wanted to love. Pillars of Eternity's rtwp (ie combat) cannot hold a candle to that of either Pathfinder game. Not in the same league.

Also, PoE the first was great on paper, relentlessly mundane in execution, and had paying customers run a mile at the mention of a sequel, which makes it a particularly effective cautionary tale on the perils of cooking up your own RP system, rather than an encouraging example.

To be fair, I have given Deadfire a wide berth and am told that was much better so maybe that redeems the series totally. i doubt it, but maybe.

Originally posted by Princess Pilfer:
Originally posted by cookie!:
Agreed on all points... TBM is the only way to go.
Point 1 is like objectively wrong though. Have a front line. And possibly a 2nd line (polearm users or snapshot bow people go here.) Use your front line to shield the back line, and your mid-line to pick off straglers and teleporters before they get to your squishy back line. Like it's not complicated. (Also, it's how squad-based-fights with melee weapons would tend to go. You really, really want to stay together, because if you don't you get ganged up on with nobody to cover your back, at which point you're basically screwed.)
Preferences are fine. If you don't think the game has too much combat, then it taking longer doesn't matter to you. Simple difference of opinion, it's fine. But don't lie, or attribute your incompetence to a fundamental design issue when it's not.
I agree, this reminds me of people who like to claim rwtp combat means you "have to" spam mouse clicks and kite in every RPG with rtwp.

Originally posted by Homer Morisson:
1. In RTwP, unless you go the masochist route of manually micromanaging all party members, you inevitably always very quickly end up with the big gangbang ball of chaos in any engagement, which is about as immersion-killing as it gets.

I have to question why someone extolling the virtues of Turn-based over rtwp would consider *optionally* stopping to micromanage every turn the masochistic option.

What is the compulsory stop for every turn/move of turn-based, then?

This is another thing that doesn't bear any kind of fair comparison, because "you have to not pause because I consider it masochistic" is not a design flaw of rtwp that other people can see or experience.

There are objective measures by which these game modes are better/worse than the other in different contexts, but really it's got to boil down to personal taste.
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