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"I asked God for skill, but I know God doesn't work that way.
So I cheated and asked for forgiveness."
░░░░░ ░░░░▀█▄▀▄▀██████░▀█▄▀▄▀████▀
░░░░ ░░░░░░░▀█▄█▄███▀░░░▀██▄█▄█▀

:AlienEye: Why my acc has Steamrep ban? :AlienEye:
My acc got steamrep ban in 2015 when my acc
got randomly connect to some Russian guy acc,
which I dont even know. If you check description
on my profile on steamrep you can find that
russian guy acc ("my" alt acc), he has around
25 other random accounts connect to his profile,
including mine. I dont know why Im connect to him,
even admins cant told me why, so I cant answer you
on this question. I have a lot of real +reps with
complete trade history with guys who +rep me
(If someone want to proof that +reps).
I was trying to get unban, but after 5 years it was unreal
to get some proofs, so thats why Im still steamrep banned.
This is my main acc with stats and games and I dont want
make another acc only for trading for this "little" problem.
Thanks for undersanding :LIS_butterfly:

:cleanseal: Road to Knife! :cleanseal:
- Huntsman Knife Forest DDpat [FT]
- Huntsman Knife Urban Masked [BS]
- Gut Knife Case Hardened [FT]
- Bayonet Boreal Forest [FT]
- M9 Bayonet Safari Mesh [FT]
- M9 Bayonet Urban Masked [FT]
- Butterfly Urban Masked [BS]
- Gut Knife Doppler [FN]
- Butterfly Boreal Forest [FT]
- Bayonet Crimson Web [FT]
- Karambit Safari Mesh [FT]
- Huntsman Crimson Web [FT]
- Karambit Safari Mesh [FT]
- Flip Knife Cirmson Web [FT]
- Shadow Daggers Vanilla
- Falchion Fade [FN] (LOST)

:cleanseal: Road to Knife! (v2) :cleanseal:
- Huntsman Knife Rust Coat BS (Bought)
- Flip Knife Rust Coat BS
- Gut Knife Doppler FN Phase 4
- Byonet Forest DDPAT WW
- Gut Knife Doppler FN Phase 2
- M9 Bayonet Safari Mesh WW
- Bayonet Stained FT
- Gut Knife Doppler FN Phase 4
- Flip Knife Freehand FT
- Bowie Knife Damascus Steel FT

:cleanseal: Investment :cleanseal:
:Upgrades: 525x Clutch case :Upgrades:
:Upgrades: 50x Mastermind Holo Sticker :Upgrades:
:Upgrades: 50x Web Stuck Holo Sticker :Upgrades:
:Upgrades: 30x Shattered Web Case :Upgrades:
:Upgrades: 1x KennyS Berlin 2019 (Foil) :Upgrades:
:Upgrades: +-95x Case mix :Upgrades:
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