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Make Sure To Check My SteamRep Profile [] And Make Sure That You Are Trading With The Real Me, And Not Someone, Who Decided To Use The Same Profile Picture And Name As Mine.
I Am Level 102 On Steam. My Steam Profile And Inventory Are Public - I Have Nothing To Hide.

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Fafourite Genres: Story Rich, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, Horror, Survival Horror, FPS( Preferably At Least Two Of Those Must Be Combined ). Generally I Am Also A Fan Of Old Classic Games

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Ronald Jenkees - Guitar Sound

Go Go Power Ranger !

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My SteamRep [] - Make Sure You Are Trading With The Real Me And Not An Impersonator


Most of My Trades Are Automated - Meaning You Should Be Trading With My Bot, That I Linked To On Every Automated Trade of Mine
In Case You Want To Sell Your Items And Get Instant Pure Currency - Check Below For Pricelist of Items You Can Instantly Sell To My Bot
I Can Buy Whole Backpacks or A Single Item
I May Be Able To Provide Item Sets For A Certain Price ( Painted Cosmetics, Stranges with Parts, Killstreaks ) - Feel Free To Ask
When Buying Backpacks I Generally Pay With TF2 Currency, Paypal ( If I Have Money Available). But In Case You Are Looking For Something New To Play I Can Also Offer Steam Games - List of Games []
Other Than TF2, I Can Buy Spiral Knights, Path of Exile and Other Steam Game Items/ Inventories

MY BOT WILL BUY THE FOLLOWING: Send Offers Here According To The Pricelists Below

Unique Quality Craftable Hats / Miscs - Pricelist []
Unique Quality Non-Craftable Hats/ Miscs - Pricelist []
Genuine Hats/ Miscs - Pricelist []
Strange Weapons and Their Basic, Spec and Pro Killstreak Variants - Pricelist []
Botkiller Weapons and Their Basic, Spec and Pro Killstreak Variants - Pricelist []
Genuine Weapons and Their Basic, Spec and Pro Killstreak Variants - Pricelist []
Paints - Pricelist []
Vintage Weapons and Their Basic, Spec and Pro Killstreak Variants - Pricelist []
Taunts - Pricelist []
Tools - Pricelist []
Vintage Hats / Miscs - Pricelist []
Unique ( Craftable ) Regular Drop and Stock Basic Killstreak Weapons - 2 Ref Each
Regular Drop and Stock Weapon Basic Killstreak Kits - 2 Ref Each
Battle-Worn and Pristine Robot Parts - 0.33 Each
Reinforced Parts - I Can Pay 0.11 Per Every Three. For That Please Send Me A Direct Offer Here
Fabricators - My Bot Will Also Buy Any Fabricator For 0.05 Each

In Case You Have An Item With Spell For Sale - Check This Trade []

For Problems With My Bot:

Make Sure You Are Not Selling Item/s, That My Bot Is Not Buying
My Bot Will Decline Your Offer If:
- You Are Marked Scammer
- You Have Trade Hold
- You Are Asking For More Than It Pays ( Have In Mind That I/ My Bot Will Not Pay
Additionally For Paints on Items or Parts Attached - It Will Buy The Item But According To Its Pricelist For That Item's Base Value )
- You Put Incorrect Items ( That May Be Due To: You Failing To Count The Metal Correctly )
- You Are Trying To Sell Items That Bot Does Not Buy ( Example: You Are Trying To Sell Non-Craftable Item But The Bot Buys Only Its Craftable Version or Vise Versa )

While It Is Better ( And Faster ) To Trade With My Bot - It Can Not Buy Everything Automatically, Thus Feel Free To Leave A Message On My Profile and Add Me, In Case You Have Items Not On Any of My Bot's Lists. Please Do Not Add Me Trying To Sell Regular Drop Weapons ;)

Also - ( 0.11 = 1 scrap; 0.33 = 1 reclaimed; 0.99 = 1 refined; 1.00 = 1 refined )

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Retro Games 80´s, 90´s - Public Group
Welcome to my Tyler´s RETRO Games Group
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ANDROMEDA Oct 14 @ 1:42pm 
Hey dude i have the Champ Stamp Genuine Painted,I saw you on tf2 bazaar and I interceded
Cuntasaurus Oct 14 @ 6:06am 
added to sell backpack
【ѶιɌυѕ】駆逐艦 Oct 14 @ 3:33am 
Refined metal for name tag or medic halloween shirt.
[ S S ] Smeef Oct 12 @ 4:20pm 
Fac new butcher bird mini 1 key
Dat Boi Carlos Oct 10 @ 4:27pm 
My trade was still declined.
🔥ᎦαᎿαη🔥 Oct 3 @ 4:30am 
Hey im adding you becouse on your looking for a vintage force of nature and other vintages but i have the vintage force of nature so yeah